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Fright Nights 2014


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Will they be using the main queues for the mazes as well or just only have Fast track and reserve and ride? If there's a main queue as well, I could imagine this turning into a mess, especially with the amount of Fast tracks the mazes have. Although I would like to try out reserve and ride as I've never had the chance to before.

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I hope they don't have a standby queue for the mazes - make it RnR or Fastrack only.  It's the way the system was designed to work, and it needs to be given a chance to work in that way.  Previous trials have proven the system can now cope with the demand, let's see it in practice!  


Must say, brave of the park to do it during their busiest time of year though.  Surely that must mean that they're either really confident with the system or guest feedback has been mostly positive (or, hopefully, both!).

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But it will work at FN on the mazes. The park rarely sees more guests at FN than the last week of August where R'n'R was in use also. And if it's only on the mazes and not the coasters then people will have high capacity rides to queue for as well as the flats so it won't horribly affect the flats like so many people worry about. It will work as long as there's no standby queue. The one thing people complained about at FN was queueing for the mazes (and it's not just Fastracks fault, mazes generally have low capacities yet are as popular if not more so at FN than the coasters).


I'd much rather queue 60 minutes for Inferno then go to a maze and get on that without queueing then another 60 or something for another coaster while queueing virtually for a maze. R'n'R is a decent system hardware wise, it updates exceedingly quickly to breakdowns, higher throughputs being achieved and so on. I'm all for it if it means I don't have to queue 2 hours physically for a maze! I also think enforcing R'n'R will be easier on the mazes than coasters as they can just build the queues without standby in mind :P

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You are not allowed to remain in your seat while the train is in motion with the bars unlocked. Pretty sure that is in the regulations.

Agreed. Whenever I've re-ridden Stealth I've always had to get off then go through the gate on the platform.

Same on X, get off and go through the disabled entrance (door at the left of the baggage area) and go on again.

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