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Fright Nights 2014


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A Friday, not half term... So Friday 10th and Friday 17th I'm presuming would be the quietest, I've also heard the first 2 Sundays and the last Sunday can also be quieter as a late finish isn't always appreciated getting up early the next morning for work... My advice, avoid half term at all costs!

that is very true, also the first saturday isnt TOO bad either!

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Midweek is always better to go as less people take time off work. Also, the Monday and Tuesday pre book price is cheaper than Wednesday to Friday in half term showing that they predict less guests on those days. Of course it is all weather dependant but if you are unfortunate and have to go over half term (as Altitude is, not everyone can coincide with quieter days) it will be one of the better days to go to. 


On another note, last Sunday is amazing! We went on the 3rd of November last year and it was brilliant! The first Saturday is probably only going to be slightly busier than a standard Saturday. Probably.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but the "Director's Cut" maze fastrack is now available to buy - £25. This is for all 5 mazes, so a fiver each.


It's the same price as an actual entry ticket, if bought in advance! Easily the most expensive FN fastrack to date; last year was £18.50 for 4 mazes (as Blair Witch wasn't included).


What are the chances of the price rise putting large numbers of people off buying it? I suspect low...

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Due to me living so far away from Thorpe, Until August just gone I didn't realise how easy getting 3 trains down to Thorpe really is, so now I will be going to Thorpe more often!

This is my 3rd year of doing this, a train to Euston, take the tube to Vauxhall and then get a train to Staines, and trust me, if your friends are any good waking up at 5 in the morning and getting 3 trains can be hilarious :lol:

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