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Fright Nights 2014


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Love it.


It's simple, keeps with the theme of the maze and is striking at the same time.  Interested to see what else they do here - a couple of spinning spotlights, maybe a camera or two and the occasional blood splat would keep the simplicity, but do really well at setting the scene (if you'll pardon the pun!).

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Off topic I know, but you know I said me and my friends had booked the Face it Alone for Cabin in the Woods? Well now I'm regretting it. I was reading an article from the Metro last year...



For an extra cost, the Face It Alone experience lets you take on the challenge by yourself, once the park is closed and eerily deserted. My friend Ashleigh and I weren’t quite prepared for what came next.

After a champagne reception tainted by two actors hell bent on verbally abusing us, we decided upon individually navigating the Cabin In The Woods.

Bad choice.

What ranks as one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life included being forced to crawl around, face sexual slurs and be told to open my mouth as I’m about to ‘take something’.

Others who tried a different maze said they were spat on but seemed happy about it.



Oh dear god. Has anyone here experienced it? If so feel free to drop me a message :o

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This was tweeted Southampton University's SU and retweeted by Thorpe Park.  Linky - https://twitter.com/YourSUSU/status/515447375553654784/photo/1


Could this be one of the 13 roaming actors?!  And could we see 12 others crop up around 12 different places?  Would be a different way to marketing FN, and could be effective!

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