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Top 10 deceased attractions you wished to have experienced

Exodus Matt

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Eagles Fortress - looked like the wildest swinger in the world and id have loved to ride.

Hypersonic XLC - I've always wanted to ride Dodonpa so I wouldnt say no to  this.

Ring Racer - the launch looked heavenly. Didn't it only have one operational day though?

Proffesor Burps Bubbleworks - Never rode the original or the newer version, which I'm gutted about.

Son of beast - a vertical loop; on a woodie. Need I say anything more?


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1: Jaws the ride- I'm upset I never had the chance to ride this

2: Wicked witches haunt- I've seen pictures and a brief video, genuinely upset I never got to ride the ride

3: Nightmare Niagra - American Adventure- (but tbh the whole park) The best Log flume the UK had and tallest

4: Loggers leap -  (if it stays closed) The title fell to loggers after Nightmare Niagra closed and now its possibly closed to :(

5: Fun House - Great Yarmouth ( I miss the old style before it was redone naffly)

6: Corkscrew - great coaster even if it was old

7:Simulator - Great Yarmouth the first simulator I ever went on as a child and I always found it magical and the different stories

8: Excalibur - Drayton manor I now it was pretty naff but I had a soft spot for the ride

9:Ripsaw - Alton towers good ride



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Rides I would have loved to have experienced -


As others have said - Big Bad Wolf - that thing looked incredible 


My first visit to AT wasn't until 2013, so -

Thunder Looper 


Black Hole

Energizer/Bone shaker (that thing looked odd but fun)


Rides Ive ridden but wish could come back...


- Loggers Leap

- Forbidden Tomb

- Original vampire

- Prof Burps Bubbleworks (no ducks!)

- Submission

- Rodeo (but on The Juggler setting!)


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1. Loggers Leap

2. Original Terror Tomb

3. Original Bubbleworks

4. X:\ No Way Out


Dead rides I've been on but would have liked to go on again:


1. Knightmare (A Schwarzkopf with a 5G Psycho drop at Camelot)

2. Ripsaw

3. Back to the Future

4. Bone Shaker

5. Thunder Rock Rally Rita (TRRR!)

6. The Black Hole


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Here's mine:


Black Hole- not much of a fan of holes in the first place though tbh :lol:

Eagles Fortress- looks insane from the POV. Jeesus christ, easily the most insane arrrow-suspended every built.

The 5th Dimension- looked like a pretty cool and innovative dark ride for its time. Would of loved to of ridden it!

Terror Tomb- Again looked like a pretty well thought out, and solid dark ride, shame they had to sh*t on it! :lol:

Knightmare- Looked like a pretty solid and cool coaster.

Submisson- Got on it once, but I spent that whole experience shouting vulgar profanity..:lol:

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Big Bad Wolf and Eagles Fortress are the only rides that really spring to mind. Whilst I'd love to have ridden the original Space Mountain at DLP, I don't feel that really counts.


Rides I wish would come back for nostalgic purposes only.


1. Professor Burps Bubbleworks

2. Rodeo

3. Corkscrew

4. Clown Coaster

5. Fifth Dimension

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Not in any order, first 10 I can rattle off my head.


1) Eagle Fortress - I stood and stared in person where it once stood, spite!

2) Terror Tomb - I was one year late on riding this one but spent most of my childhood pestering my friend who did ride it.

3) Toyland Tours - Never got the chance to ride this, always reminded me of Professor Burbs though and that's a very good thing.

4) Haunted House - Love Duel and it's probably because of how great the stuff that's left is, would love to try it in it's original get up.

5) Knightmare - If the rumours aren't true and it is going to pop up in Southport soon.

6) Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter (Disneyworld) - This strange attraction looked like something I would love.

7) Pre 2017 Dodonpa - As you all know the airtime hill of murder has been replaced by a loop and trim brakes, dumb.

8) Hypersonic XLC - Always intrigued me.

9) Tinkaboo's Factory Tour - Went to Pleasure Island a week before it closed to get the creds, didn't know this ride existed, it looks fantastic, I'm rather annoyed I didn't do it.

10) Dueling Dragons - Don't really like Harry Potter land stuff and it's such a shame they don't duel anymore.

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On 13 July 2017 at 10:58 PM, Mega-Lite said:

5) Knightmare - If the rumours aren't true and it is going to pop up in Southport soon.

10) Dueling Dragons - Don't really like Harry Potter land stuff and it's such a shame they don't duel anymore.


Knightmare has started arriving at Southport; you know, after it's holiday in Blackpool and being photos lying in the road after a drunk night out ;)


And best get your Dragons fix regardless as they're supposedly on the chopping block soon for yet more Harry Potter wanderlust! Umgardium-dontgivesafecksa!

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Might as well update given it's been a while.


10/ Mr Toad's (Magic Kingdom)

9/ Silber Mine

8/  Terror Tomb


6/ Knightmare

5/ Space Invaders 

4/ Back To The Future

3/ Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Factory

2/ Professor Burps Bubbleworks (only ever did Imperial one)

1/ The Great Movie Ride



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X:/ No Way Out at Thorpe Park (mainly when they had the computer virus video)

Body Wars at Epcot (because I have endosomatophilia, though you might be inside a woman - look closely at the subject you go inside at the end - and I DON'T LIKE THAT)

Sonic Spinball at Alton Towers (Sonic was my CHILDHOOD, and I always wanted to go on this ride)

Ride the Comix at DisneyQuest (I'm a huge fan of comics, and I would LOVE this.)

Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain (it was in a Kidsongs video I stumbled across that was filmed at Magic Mountain, and I LOVED it)

Tomb Raider The Ride at Kings Island (It's got that Jonny Quest vibe to it. I don't know if I would like the hangtime, though, but I do like Cyborg Cyber Spin)

Alien Encounter at Magic Kingdom (I love a good sci-fi story, and I don't think it'd be THAT scary. Plus the robot is voiced by Tim Curry.)

Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure (even if it hurt, the theming interests me)

Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure (I never got to go on it because I first went to GAdv in 2018)

Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure (I remember reading about it when it was still there and I wanted to go to GAdv, but it's gone now. I also want to go on it because of a POV someone uploaded from 1999 or 2000 where a guy apparently lost his hat on the ride and was screaming about it the whole way.)

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