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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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I had a rather interesting thought about Exodus.


With Exodus having some rather big, impressive-looking inversions within it as its primary elements (including what many are saying will be the world’s tallest inversion, although I’ll admit I’m unsure on that one given that that record currently sits at 197ft; I’d certainly nominate it for the UK’s or even Europe’s tallest inversion, though), as well as being a more traditional sit-down coaster in style (unlike, say, Saw with its beyond vertical drop and more compact cars), could they potentially have built it to fill the niche of big multi-looper that Colossus currently occupies as well as to break the UK height record, as opposed to the airtime coaster niche that hypers more traditionally fill?


I know that Colossus would have the 10 inversions as a substantial boost over Exodus, so it’d still be far from redundant by any means (the most I can see Exodus having is 3, by the looks of things), but now that the ride’s key selling point of the world inversion record has long since been beaten over at Alton Towers (and a newer version of the same layout is being built at Flamingo Land), could the park be psyching Exodus up to replace it as the park’s “big, impressive inversion coaster”? It’ll be a much bigger, more dominant ride than Colossus is at present, with some much larger inversions, and although we obviously can’t judge yet, it looks like it’ll satisfy the demands of the modern market more than Colossus does at present (for instance, less restrictive restraints and greater negative g’s; even if there’s no straight airtime hills on Exodus like Colossus’ bunny hill, I do think some of those elements have a fair shout at working negative g’s into them, whereas I stayed firmly in my seat for the entire ride last time I rode Colossus, even over the aforementioned bunny hill… not a scrap of airtime to be found anywhere, unfortunately).


So seeing as Colossus doesn’t seem to be an overly loved ride from what I can gather (while I won’t deny it has its fans, it doesn’t really seem to have a huge fan following, and not too many like it a huge amount), as well as that it’s Thorpe’s oldest thrill coaster and it has been usurped at its original purpose even within the UK, my question is; could Exodus have been built to fill its niche in 2024 so that they can remove Colossus in preparation for their next coaster in the late 2020s or so? Let’s say this hypothetical coaster comes in 2028, 4 years after Exodus; that would likely see Colossus removed at the end of 2026, by which point it’ll be 24 years old. That isn’t overly young for a coaster by any stretch…


What do you guys think?

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It's true that this and Colossus will be similar, in that they are coasters which will have 'standard' trains and a 'standard' lift hill (assuming, of course, there's no surprises like spinning cars or whatever)


I wouldn't be surprised if this is being geared up mid-to-long term as a "like-for-like" Colossus replacement. When Old Town and the island behind Swarm are eventually taken up, you're not left with much room for expansion, so do have to consider removals and replacements, and Colossus would be the first choice in terms of major coasters.

Project Exodus would be a similarly iconic coaster for the park, and similar in terms of maintenance. (If anything, probably easier to maintain, given the problems the park have had with Colossus' supports around the lake)


At the same time, it's not hard to imagine Colossus staying for a good while yet. It is *the* coaster which put Thorpe 'on the map'. It's still pretty popular. And who knows, with a retrack, it may become smoother (and be a cheaper alternative than completely ripping it out and building something new).


So yeah, it's very 50/50 - I genuinely would not be surprised either way if we see it here or not by the end of the decade.

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18 minutes ago, pluk said:


Turn and face the strange


Bowie, the ride. At last, a theming idea I can get behind.


Throw in an animatronic over-sized hand and crystal ball being juggled on the lake and a Labyrinth-themed Fright Nights attraction and then this will be the best thing ever.

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2 hours ago, Parm Pap said:

It used to go.


Deafening silence.





It goes.


Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong dung dong dung dong.


Ch ch ch ch ch ch.


Ding dong??......the witch is dead??




Its a sequel to Baron 1898 where she shuts down the Barons mine!!

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1 hour ago, Benin said:


That song was also used in Shrek 2............


If Parm Pap starts posting Smash Mouth lyrics, the world will melt down


Also fits the area...the Old Town swamp and all that. 


Give the ride Big Dipper seating too and it can be like riding on Dragon.




Oh god, I think I actually want this to happen now...

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14 hours ago, JoshC. said:


If Parm Pap starts posting Smash Mouth lyrics, the world will melt down


Also fits the area...the Old Town swamp and all that. 


Give the ride Big Dipper seating too and it can be like riding on Dragon.




Oh god, I think I actually want this to happen now...


Probably better than whatever half baked idea Merlin come up with 😉

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On 1/12/2022 at 8:34 AM, Mark9 said:

So the theme so far is Margaret Thatcher closing down a mine whilst the Doctor tries to stop the Slitheen destroying Big Ben and Shrek is looking on bemused whilst Donkey sings Bowies greatest hits.


Sounds like the greatest ride ever!! :D


I will happily spend the tenner on one shot fastrack for this!!

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On 1/15/2022 at 8:11 PM, James Allgood said:

Work on removing platform 15 looks to have started. The front of the train has been removed along with the fake light. 


Thanks for the update.


The stuff happening down Platform 15 is odd, in that I wouldn't have thought it's stuff that needs doing any time soon. Wonder if they're just harvesting bits for re-use in the future, doing work for the sake of work or something else.


Rocky Express is usually one of the first things deconstructed for winter maintenance, so the fact its still in one piece is a sign that it probably won't be returning in a relocated position. Honestly, I just imagine it will sit there until it's time to rip it up. 


As for Lumber Jump: It is very difficult to see from Monk's Walk, but you can see the top of it (though I assume you've been down there enough to know how to see it ;) ). If it can't be seen, that's at least a sign something is being done with it.


On 1/15/2022 at 8:46 PM, ML27 said:

Surely can’t just rely on events the next few years until Exodus… can they??


The park have at least acknowledged during the consultation process for Exodus that they need new rides to stop visitor numbers declining. Presumably they know that a singular roller coaster isn't enough too. 


With the increase in investment across all Merlin parks, I'm hopeful we'll see something. I'm expecting that 2022 will be another event-focused thing, with ride relocations and/or rethemes being a thing. 

2023, meanwhile, would be a great time for a new ride - draw people in with an actual physical new thing, and then capture their attention further with the construction of their big new coaster to make them want to return for the year after. That would then compliment the pre-existing and established event schedule too.


Whether that happens is another matter.

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