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Fright Nights 2017


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P15 is a interesting one..

IMO Thorpe should try to relocate it or remove it completely.

Its location is far too big and wide for scares to properly work, and the route is rather long too..

I hope to see Cabin/Blair bite the dust. 

Especially Cabin, as the maze has seemed to deteriorate recently..

Big Top can stay as it is, and I don't see Saw changing anytime soon.

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Big Top needs to stay, Containment will probably stay, Platform will probably stay and Saw will unfortunately come back. 

So that leaves two possible new mazes. A multi route maze themed around the Swarm would be great, then another new maze on the beach with a similar theme to the Curse. That would be perfect imo.

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I'd like to see a complete reshake of the lineup for 2017, bring back The Freezer as the headline maze, introduce a new lineup of mazes alongside it with original themes, and ramp up the scare factor.

Platform 15 should not return IMO, I'm sorry but that was a complete flunk of a maze.  If it returned as a scare zone, and not at the expense of a maze, I wouldn't mind.

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1 hour ago, Coaster Jamie said:

bring back The Freezer as the headline maze


That would simply be the greatest thing Thorpe Park could do when it comes to fright nights in my opinion!! It is still the scariest maze Thorpe Park have ever had and would give the event the massive shot in the arm it needs. Plus for those that only experienced Asylum and loved it, they would love Freezer as it's practically the same damn thing and Thorpe park would not have to worry about any rubbish about "offending people".

I wouldn't mind Thorpe bringing in a maze similar to "Nightbringer" at Burton Screamfest which was one of my highlights of the Halloween season. 

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I don't get people's problems about this topic being made at this time of year.  Not like there's much else to talk about, and with this year's event still reasonably fresh in mind, improvements will still come to people's heads..


Not only that, Fright Nights is Thorpe's headline event, their busiest part of the season and one of the UK's biggest and well-known Halloween events.  With Thorpe growing in popularity and getting more attention overseas, it's also expanding into being well known across Europe, which is only a good thing.  So what's the harm in discussing such an important time in the park's calendar a little bit early, and throwing out some opinions?  



I'm totally against reviving mazes though; especially ones which have been gone for years.  I'm not even a fan of having a maze's name brought back in name as a sequel after so many years (so no "Experiment 10:  Contamination" please).  I don't mind if mazes are sequentially year-on-year (like the Black trilogy at Warwick Castle), but bringing back mazes / maze themes just doesn't sit right with me.  Might just be me though.

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I think something fresh is due..

Yes there are brilliant mazes from the past, but all mazes have a sell-by date!

Even the most brilliant attractions need to change, or it gets boring!

Yes Thorpe have been a tad hit/miss on there maze concepts recently, but when they hit, they hit.

I think the events main issues lie in not enough actors, queue management, and more things on those lines..

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If they insist on bringing Saw back for the 8th year running I'd love to see them change some scenes.

I feel it's fine up until the Saw 4 room but the final two sections let it down. The pendulum trap should be swapped out for the cube trap (an actor in the middle of the room frantically stabbing their neck with a Biro would be way more exciting than that usually empty table) and instead of the carousel finale guests should crawl on their hands and knees through the steam room cage tunnels while being subjected to hot steamy blasts.

The two outdoor mazes really need to go, Cabin ought to go too or maybe just tinker with the facility scenes to make them less open and repetitive.

But yeah, things really need to change because this years event was poor. It's sad to see Scarefest get some amazing attractions while Fright Nights deteriorates year after year.

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I agree- SAW I think will be with us for a few more years!


I also partly agree with mentioned above- the main issues in FN is within lack of actors (mostly), queue management, park wide theming etc.

I wouldn't mind for one season them to pump money into more actors, more theming rather than having something 'New' to gloat about and forget the other existing things which ultimately get neglected. Unfortunately with merlin I don't see this happening as the 'New' factor does bring in guests, but if it did happen the event would get much greater ratings overall!

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Tucked in the very end of the press release announcing Thorpes new Divisional Director:


Further, the new Park Director, who will oversee all elements of the THORPE PARK Resort business including Marketing, Health & Safety and Operations, will be bringing  a new and exciting IP to the theme park’s infamous FRIGHT NIGHTS Halloween event.


Let the speculation begin! 

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