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Fright Nights 2017


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I really think fright nights will be big this year, with big top which was amazing, saw which is actually my favourite fright night maze (which will surprise a lot of you), platform which will hopefully be improved in the same way big top was creating a quality maze, containment which is always fun, and at least one (possibly and hopefully more) new attraction.


I know it's still very early but I'm pretty sure it was around the middle of May when the park announced platform last year, so hopefully we will be getting some news or updates soon.

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Platform was 'announced' in April last year, but that was only because it accidentally was published online. :P


Maze announcements tend to be July / August time of late, as they can then capitalise in the busy crowds with on park advertising.  Certainly the past 4 years it's been that way.  Before then, announcements used to be in September! 

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Thorpe have confirmed that Cabin won't be returning this year for Fright Nights, and that something will be taking it's place in its location. 

I am actually very happy about this. Cabin was good, but it was getting very boring after four years of little change. 

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My first fright nights was only back in 2013 when CITW was new - it was my favourite maze and that first year I absolutely loved it (apart from having a clown stood right in my face and not moving until I joked that I would kiss him :P)

It did gradually become a bit samey so I'm not too fussed that it is leaving and look forward to seeing what goes there instead 

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Great move IMO.

Cabin in 2013/2014 was brilliant, but as of recent, the attraction has been one of the weaker mazes at the event.

I hope we see Platform 15 changed in some form though, like what they did to Big Top.

I think if Thorpe play their cards right, this could be one of the stronger years of the event IMO.

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As you probably know, it's been confirmed that Cabin will not be reappearing this year. Here's a sneaky pic of it right now in its current state:


[Picture removed by request of Thorpe Park.  Please do not share this photo elsewhere]


(I can't recall where I found this, so if any of you know please tell me so I can give credit. Thanks.)

I suppose that hints at a complete reroute for the new IP this year, which I find great as I found Cabin's layout pretty dull after a few runs on it. Regarding the "scare zones" though, a friend told me that during their tour of P15, their guide spoke about the possibility of turning Platform into a scare zone, and that it's currently being considered by management. Just a rumour though. I think most of us could agree that it'd be much better if that was the case.


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Am I the only one thinking it is highly possible that Steven Kings' IT will be the new ip. I mean it would be classic Thorpe for them to keep the big top exactly the same, but just brand it as an 'IT' maze with a couple of new theming items placed around. The main reason I say this is because there is a new version of the movie coming out this year and when the new Blair witch movie came out last year, Thorpe took the opportunity to brand it as a new maze!

Just speculation, I don't want it to happen but I think there is a strong possibility that it will.


As to other mazes I'm really excited to see what the park does, platform needs the treatment big top got last year, saw needs to have the same high number of actors it had last year, I don't really do containment so I don't care about that, and hopefully there will be at least 2 maybe 3 new attractions.


I really think this will be a good year for fright nights if Thorpe manage the crowds well and just don't sell fast track at all for the mazes.

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I'm pretty sure Cabin's replacement will be the new IP- it seems there is a ton of work being done in that building, so it only makes sense that the new IP will be placed there.

definitely think Cabin needed to go, like it was good/really good back in 2013/2014 but quite honestly, Sub Species IMO completely did what Cabin did, and did it 10x better!

I'm very interested to see what they do with Platform this year though, as with it being such a large space and layout, I'm not sure how they can change it.

2 hours ago, Jack said:

I really think this will be a good year for fright nights if Thorpe manage the crowds well and just don't sell fast track at all for the mazes.

we can dream, we can dream..;)

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13 hours ago, Jack said:

Am I the only one thinking it is highly possible that Steven Kings' IT will be the new ip.


It's interesting you mention IT.  The next IP Merlin go for will be their 27th external IP


1)  Derren Brown

2)  Gruffalo

3)  Ghostbusters

4)  Kung Fu Panda

5)  How to Train Your Dragon

6)  Shrek

7)  Ice Age 

8)  Madagascar / Penguins of Madagascar

9)  My Bloody Valentine

10)  Cabin in the Woods

11)  Blair Witch 

12)  You're Next

13)  SAW

14)  Angry Birds

15)  Furchester Hotel

16)  Go Jetters

17)  Octonauts

18)  Postman Pat

19)  In the Night Garden

20)  Mr Bloom

21)  Justin's House

22)  Charlie and Lola

23)  The Numtums

24)  Nina's Science Lab

25)  Sonic

26)  Merlin (TV show - attraction at Warwick Castle)


For those unfamiliar with IT, it's about a clown who appears everyone 27 years.  Given THORPE love to do fancy things with their numbers (experiment 10 for 10 years, studio 13 for 13, platform 15 for 15), I could see them making Merlin's 27th IP about a current franchise where the number 27 is so important

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1 minute ago, Coaster said:

^ What about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?


don't ruin the ridiculous theory.. ;)

Anyway, if they did use that as a marketing point, I'd think I'd shoot my brains out..

Merlin have done some bad marketing in the past, but this would just be borderline hilarious..:lol:

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