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Slammer replacement?


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46 minutes ago, MattyMoo said:

Would they consider a Star Shape (a la Danter's Air) to replace Samurai one day do you think?

I'd hope not, such a dull ride.


I can imagine the Slammer/Samurai/Loggers/CCR area being cleared and combined for a new major ride rather than being used as it is now.

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Tbh anyone remember bling at bpb


This would be a bad idea, thorpe has a respectable amount of flats, its towers that needs the flat’s investment tbh. I hope the whole area gets a major investment and is beborn keeping to the west/canada theme.

maybe add a traditional saloon to the area serving food/ drink (smith and western operated anyone?). With a decent woody comparable to woodan/troy. Interacting with a good old fashion mine train (not a mack powered).


The area has a decent footprint and potential, lets see what thorpe come up with. . . (Tbh it will likely be something boring and uninspiring)





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