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The budget allocated to this always was going to be low and if anything the park have scraped more to spend on this tunnel than they would have been provided with before the events of 2015 (hence there scaffold was kept there instead of a permanent structure in the first place). No one is asking the world, it's just appalling that a company that constantly prides itself on being "second to Disney" and whose priority as a business is now 'to overtake Disney within the next few years', choose not to give Alton Towers the cap ex needed to properly sort problems like this and they've really gone for the cheapest passable option possible with this wooden thing, like all their design choices riddled throughout their parks.



They've always thought of second to Disney as in visitor numbers and not experiences. At least that is how it used to be portrayed and based on how their paint jobs and annual pass days have gone this year, this is definitely still the impression portrayed. Thing is for me, Rita's wooden fencing is hardly the most offensive thing they've done. The bland paint jobs are far worse then this.

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The scaffolding is there for H&S reasons. What would you prefer? The scaffolding or no Rita. I shall let you decide.

In my opinion, the fences look good and a  nice way for towers to hide the queue length.


To be fair - I'm sure H&S do not state the structure must be scaffolding, they will just state they want that area covered. 

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On 30/07/2016 at 8:11 PM, Celia Mae said:

10th March: "We'll have vines growing over the top in a few weeks!"


30th July: I present to you... vines.





Photos courtesy of TowersStreet


Vines? They look like huge, green twigs that have been stuck to a fence...

But it's Rita, no one really cares ^_^

At least we can be grateful it's not scaffolding though...

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As part of Rita takeover week, Alton Towers have released the playlist for Thunder Rock Rally Radio which used to boom out over Ug Land back in 2005. Enjoy!

I have made an iTunes version too:


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