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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


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The building is 199ft tall. This is to avoid having the flashing beacon that would be required if it was 200ft or over.

I think the actual evevators go slightly underground...


Isn't 199ft the height of the building rather than the actual lift shafts though?

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Florida Tower

Structure height of 199ft. Max elevator height approximately 170ft (where the elevator doors open). While the Floridian version is randomised you are guaranteed two drops from the top; one is 'fake', while the other is a full drop to the basement. I don't think FL Tower goes underground (which would make the lowest point the offload floor) due to the water table. The top section of the tower is taken up by 2 motors. The motors are 12 feet tall, 35 feet long, and weigh 132,000 pounds. They are able to accelerate 10 tons at 15 times the speed of normal elevators. They generate torque equal to that of 275 Corvette engines and reach top speeds in 1.5 seconds.

Cali/Paris Tower

Although the building is officially 183ft tall, it also extends 40ft underground. Like Florida, the elevator does not reach the top of the structure due to three large motors. This is the reason for the 'ears' the building has at the top. While the drop sequence is the same every time, there are slight differences between the shafts and elevators.

Tokyo Tower

Same ride system as Cali/Paris so I'd assume a similar height/drop sequence but I'd rather wait to find out in person than spoil it.

"Hollywood Tower Hotel... Yes Ma'am that will be sent up immediately. And, oh yes, please let me know when your children are finished playing with the garden shears. The gardener would like them back."

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Thanks for that.

When I said moving around, I meant the fact that I knew that the Paris one was slightly down, but didn't know if Florida was or by how deep.

Edit: oops, probably should have thought to use the spoiler tags. Sorry guys!

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I do not find Detonator thrilling or intimidating in any way, and will ride it (if there's minimal queue just to say I've been on it). I love Apocalypse at Drayton Manor, which is an Intamin, especially with the stand-up position tilting forwards like 15degrees (or something along the lines of that). Would actually love to go back to America (only been once in 2005!) to ride all the new attractions at the other parks, and especially to experience this new drop tower, looks unbelievably awesome!

I've also heard that Falcons Fury is an Intamin...

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Double post ahoy...

So this is testing now, but I believe this is the first video showing the tilting of the seats.

Because of the positioning of the seats and the potential speed of just a freefall drop, it seems like the brakes kick in quite early. Shame. Then that 'flick' of the seats to face outwards again doesn't look exactly comfortable either. And there's what seems to be a loose hinge-thing for one of the seats?

Rides can normally be summed up with a handful of words, and this ride's words are looking to be 'Oh dear'...

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