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The Smiler


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The ride looks fun.

The theming however...

I definately agree, after all the effort made with the publication and viral advertising to create and build a clear theme, there doesn't really seem to be much theming at all, I suppose we should reserve judgement untill we see the inside of the building and queue line but the only real theming is the spider thing, which is great but you whizz past it now and again and that's really the only theming outside/ride wise which for an £18mil investment is dissapointing IMO

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Did someone say two world's firsts?


The Smiler, which is Alton Towers Resort's biggest ever investment at £18m, took over eight months to build and the second world first element has been kept under wraps since construction began back in September.


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It was extremely damp on park today. My camera doesn't like the wet, It tries to focus on the rain (foolish camera).

Firstly - They were ride envelope testing the bunny hop when we arrived


Flasher testing


The steps to the entrance are having quite a bit of work on them


The smiler entrance board.


Inside the entrance there are these.


A blurred zoom in on one of them


The bottom half of the entrance. There seems to be more of these inset at the bottom. There are also pipes that go along the back.


The pipes just end though.P1050215.JPG

On to the Marmaliser. This was receiving a lot of TLC today. We now have a hexagonal central unit.


Without people


We also have new theming being added to the legs


As we watched they added theming to one of the other legs. They started by adding a wooden template and just slotted the parts in;





And by the powers of double sided sticky tape we get


And a piccy of the train:


Sorry the photos aren't up to my usual standard, as you can see, it was a bit wet.

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Anyone else feel like the marmaliser was created by a totally different design team? I'm not an expert on the behind the scenes, but it's just strange that the station, entrance, games stall and area is on a completely different level compared to the beast in the centre.

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