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The 'Definitely 100% Totally Going to Happen' London Resort

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It's all about the setting...       Beautiful beautiful Tilbury.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qTbGgectpY   An official video from Paramount outlining and clarifying details about the resort and what we can expect when it opens   2020 can't come quick enough

An update for you This park may have the paramount theme but paramount are not putting any money toward the project they are only consulting In the design plans - it is actually London resort co hol

Planning application gone in. 




I think the disaster of a year could help this project get the green light seeing as they belive it to bring in so much money. 


Some great new concept art too. 


Fingers crossed. We should know by the end of January.

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Bringing PY on board last summer does seem to have been a wonder move for this project. This is certainly the most optimistic I've ever felt about this project ever happening. And I think a large part of the reason it's at the stage it is now is because of PY's influence and lead.


I still won't believe this will happen until I see construction start. And even then I'll still have an air of doubt.


If it ever gets to a stage of opening, I don't see it being the quality or draw that they expect, at least for the first few years. But who knows...

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I seriously hope this happens and though I’m still in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” club right now, things are looking somewhat more optimistic and hopefully we will see things taking shape soon.


Theres still many hurdles ahead for this project and one has to hope it doesn’t end up like one of those that gets abandoned during construction or how Hard Rock park ended up.

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3 hours ago, alexander said:

Just when I think this project is dead, it crawls out of the woodwork, once again! It's hard to fathom that this could actually be happening now. When was this meant to be opening again? Wasn't it 2016? 😂

Its better than nothing...

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On 4/30/2019 at 4:56 PM, JoshC. said:

I've changed the topic title.


Certainly a much more accurate name ^_^


I feel like ever since I did this this project has actually made real progress. 


I still won't believe it till it's open, but if it does open, I will definitely 100% totally claim I was being serious and not in the least bit sarcastic.

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8 minutes ago, Benin said:

6.5 million people in a year seems... Optimistic? Unless they're playing the game of visitors to the resort generally rather than just to the park section of it.


I haven't gone through the documents in detail, but I would very much imagine that the projected numbers are always for the resort generally. Or at the very least, 'park + something'.


Then again, I seem recall earlier documents saying the whole resort thing would get 30million+ people a year. So 6.5m seems conservative now. Who knows.

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