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The 'Definitely 100% Totally Going to Happen' London Resort

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It's all about the setting...       Beautiful beautiful Tilbury.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qTbGgectpY   An official video from Paramount outlining and clarifying details about the resort and what we can expect when it opens   2020 can't come quick enough

An update for you This park may have the paramount theme but paramount are not putting any money toward the project they are only consulting In the design plans - it is actually London resort co hol

I mean, I suppose Diagon Alley is just beautiful sheds...

I was dismissive of the idea Universal would be interested in a UK park anyway, but I was going through old online seminars and I stumbled on one from 2013 about the Harry Potter Studio Tour. In the Q&A at the end someone in the audience states they looked at the location the tour uses for a "Universal Studios location".  I didn't even know Universal had actually properly looked at doing a park over here, let alone at a location a mile from my front door. Sounds like the main problem was the local council and access too, to think what could have been! Anyway, here is that Q&A, suppose it makes the idea of them taking over the Paramount Park project a bit more possible. 


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London Resort Company Holdings is delaying the planning application again this time until 2019 along with the 5th public consultation.


It appears to be they completely under estimated how long a traffic assessment takes so in a statement they said they need more time. Apparently they are £55m in at the moment and they do have highway modification drawings from engineering firm WSP so it would seem the project is progressing although very slowly.


If it wasn't for the engineering drawings I would have said "Paramount Park" was dead in the water. 

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6 minutes ago, Project LC said:

If it wasn't for the engineering drawings I would have said "Paramount Park" was dead in the water. 

Where are these engineering drawings? 


Ironically there has been a consolation on the Swanscombe peninsular recently, there are some road change proposal to ease traffic congestion in the area. The info book said that this doesnt take into account the park, and any changes for the park will be done independently - so that means local residents can enjoy the work being started by highway agency and if the park goes ahead changes to the newly modified road for the park. 


Years and years of roadworks! 

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So it may not be Paramount (may need a topic re-name), but this park looks to still be alive after ITV (and a number of others) have signed a deal to be involved with the park. Very interesting to see if this does happen, how it will turn out. Merlin will be following this closely - it may give them the kick they need!




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What great news! ITV's IPs have worked so well at theme parks over the years, can't wait to see what they do next! :D


Image result for im a celebrity thorpe park


In all seriousness though, I do wonder what IPs they have beyond I'm a Celeb which could work in a theme park, a few things come to mind but they don't really compare to the BBC or Aardman's offerings.


Edit: missed this line: "but the focus of the deal is understood to be the Thunderbirds Are Go series, which returned to TV in 2015."

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I guess in many ways having a IP makes sense in the current UK market, look at Peppa Pig World, Cbeebies Land or even Thomas World.

I think their best bet would try to use IP's from ITV that would appeal to the younger market because that seems to be where the money is.


If this project ever comes to fruition I think it would be a hugely positive addition to the current UK industry. It would hopefully push Merlin to actually give a shi* about their investments (especially in Thorpe which wouldn't be too far from this park)..

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Surprised nobody has even mentioned this, quite a popular discussion point on other forums. I know many still don't think it will ever happen but at least a form of progress has been made.


Consultations are now open and regardless of your belief for the project I think it would be in all best interests for us to be positive and support it. If many of us send positive feedback on the proposals that will help those NIMBYs and few people that will try and stop it and prove their is a desire and want for it to happen.



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