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Looking through the forums I don't think there is a topic for all our ORP's? I'm sure we've all got loads gathering dust somewhere, so lets see them, old and new. I'll start.

Clicking through some old photos I found a small collection from 2006, when PA were already offering an emailed file of photos for a small price - catch up Merlin!

Completely unaware that Hurricane Condor was about to destroy my testicles


A particularly uninteresting one form Dragon Khan


Some ugly as hell merged photo composition on Splash


And quite bizarrely looking like I'm sitting on a park bench, not a woodie, riding Stampida


I know I have a stack of old ones from the early 90's onwards somewhere, I'll try and scan them in later.

Get sharing....

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Great topic!

I haven't got many older than 2010 on my laptop / Facebook at the moment, but I'm planning on scanning all my older ones soon anyway. There's some real classics of me when I was younger. Here's a couple of my favourites that I've got access to at the moment though:

Posted Image

2011. Honestly, it's a faked face. :P

Posted Image

2011. Again, despite how it looks, I'm not screaming... XD

This one isn't particularly an ORP, but it's from the Old Time Photography thing that used to be in Canada Creek, back from when I was 7/8 I think:

Posted Image

(Think I've posted this on this forum before on the photos from when you were younger thread or something?)

That's all for now. :)

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These 4 have been lying around in my room for ages.

My first ever ride on Depth Charge when I was 3 in 2000

Posted Image

Then my first ever inverting ride when I was 7 in 2005

Posted Image

Rita front row in 2007

Posted Image

And Saw on its public opening day in 2009 10 minutes before it broke (the other 2 people look like they enjoyed it :P )

Posted Image

I have loads more from Florida a few years ago but can't find them at the moment.

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Well, I've rummaged through my ORPs, old and new, and scanned a few up. Here's a few of my highlights:


Quite possibly my first go on Depth Charge. I look so unimpressed.. :lol:


A lot happier on this one!


Me looking very innocent on Vampire. This is from 2003!


My first go on Rattlesnake in 2004.


My only go on Corkscrew in 2006. My face... :')


Despite my bored, vacant expression, this was my first go on Stealth over opening weekend (front row too!)


First go on Oblivion, also in 2006. To be honest, I was scared. :blush:


First go on Saw, thanks to the Ride it First competition!


During FN last year, 3 of us 'played dead'. The fourth guy joined in - much love to him! :')

That's it from me!

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What's the best way to try out your new scanner? That's right, ORP's!

For this little selection Mrs pluk and I are joined by Mummy pluk and Daddy pluk.

First off is Corkscrew, 14/10/2003. Mummy pluk was not impressed, I think this photo has managed to capture the exact moment her head was slung into the side of the restraint.


A couple of months before that it was Chessington on 15/07/2003 and the original and best, Professor Burps Bubble Works. Long before a retard somewhere had even thought of the 'hilarity' of ducks.


Then a couple of years later on 17/09/2006 to Tidal Wave in its Original Source incarnation with Mrs pluk holding her nose in anticipation.


Such fun!

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Well now Picsolve have put their prices up people will either not be buying or scanning them all.

Charging £2 for a digital download when last year it was free

Giving you only 4 photos on a photopass when last year you got 5, do they really think people are that stupid?

Last year you could get a photo and digital download for £3.50 per pic this year its £7 if you buy a photopass and digital download... Value for money I think not.

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Ooo what do we have here... I'll pick out 4 highlights of the on-ride photos I have so far!

My first on-ride photo I brought & my first ride on Air, yes that was also my first & only time I wore my glasses on a ride, yet later on the same day I refused to wear them on Sonic?!:


From my first trip to Thorpe park, the four faces of pain thanks to SORE I mean Saw the ride:


And last but no means least, Thirteen with sideburns and a trying to smile but forgot how forceful Thirteen drop is look!:


And my most recent one, NEMESIS, first ride of 2013! The best on ride photo I've got so far!:


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OMG Cornflakes xD


Last day of season, bought a couple ORPs this year, and just wanted to make people laugh and have a bit more fun in the day, seeing as people had visited the park 10 odd times this year already. Just to clarify I am not mentally unstable. Wait that's a lie.


Trying to look caj in the back.




Had a bit too much to drink..


On the nice side of tipsy town.




I just don't know what the hell this was.



Nearly forgot this one. The restraint punched me in the face, I mean, come on!



Sorry Jack and Phill for ruining all of your otherwise lovely photos.




Here's one I look semi-normal in. But the woman in the back did a me. THANKS ALOT LADY oh w8 I'd been doing that all day.


Hope people had a great final day of season. I think the photo Ops did.

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Been digging around in my bookcase for a while...and here are my THE SWARM pics from 2012! :lol:


This was from March 2012. Riding THE SWARM in freezing temperatures wasn't pretty...



...and another from the following July! My friend (from Spain) was clearly enjoying himself! ;)


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