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Rush is having work done, but looks like there has been problems with the restraints on swing A. I'm not too sure if the same is being done to swing B as you can't tell from the picture but seeing as the picture is on the one swing, it's probably only this one.

Hopefully they will fix swing B's height while it's closed ;)


(Photo from TPG facebook)

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Not being the most observant of people (it took me around 20 goes on Saw: The Ride before I noticed the body!), the swing differences between A and B were very visible both last Thursday and Saturday.

Due to queue times I didn't ride it - almost did on Saturday, our restraints came down (this was on Swing A) and our restraints were locked, then they released them shortly after and got engineers in to have a gander - would have hung around but I already got my adrenaline rush just sitting down on that thing - have only done Rush 4 times and although I love it, it scares me senseless - plus, The Swarm was calling. Rush did open afterwards as we saw it whilst going up Swarms lifthill. Ok I am waffling!

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They can close it and do a full stripdown to repair if you want, CoasterNegative Jamie? However I think everyone else would think you're a tit by saying that.

Nope, that should have happened over closed season. I'd rather it open than shut - then again, it's been shut a lot this season too...

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Ah, the age old swing A/sing B height thing.

Okay. So, it's basically done this since 2007. Swing B outperforms swing A, which means the computer goes a little crazy when B peaks much earlier than A at just over 90 degrees (anyone noticed how the first of your 4 full height swings on B is significantly higher than A?). The computer then has a paddy and desperately tries to re-sync the swings by powering A as much as it can, and basically doing nothing with B, thus why the ride ends up with A performing better.

By the end of the ride, everything is out of sync and it looks a mess. It did this up until 2011 when the piping that delivers the air to the piston was replaced with titanium rather than a plastic. The ride briefly did better, before returning to it's current, terrible state that it was in towards the end of last year. The usual suspects for loss of pressure are the piston seals, a little like that in a car or on bike forks. If the seals are damaged, some air escapes, the ride under-performs, but, with the consistent nature of the issue I would question whether it is in fact that A get's less compression than B.

The short of it is, everything in the book has been done over closed seasons to try and rectify this and it seems to be an on going experiment to try and replace whichever element of the ride is causing the poor performance of A.

In regard to ride cycles, it always has been and remains 4 full height swings. The only exception is if the operator stops the cycle, which does occasionally but rarely happen.

Don't expect a fix anytime soon, and in the meantime, enjoy the rare days where you get one swing only, as that's when Rush does it's best.

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