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Fits like a glove then.

I'm sure that train in the background is going the wrong way

I think the main problem would be your spine exiting your body via your neck, leaving your shoulders in the restraints. That would sting a bit.

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I don't think they are planning on doing that any more; certainly no work has started on it at the moment.  On the above map, I don't think areas D and G have happened either.  


I always felt that infilling that area surrounded by Loggers was a weird; just didn't feel like it'd work to me.


Of course, can't say it isn't / won't be happening, but given they haven't done any new infilling for a few years now, it seems very unlikely to me.


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Hard to say. In an ever changing industry with regards to product development (look at companies like Mack at the moment, spinning, vertical drop, launched rollercoasters like WTF) it’s always hard to see what’s around the corner. It falls a lot to budgets and how the creative teams see it fit and best invested. Merlin could tell the team they have the budget for an Intamin Giga, but the team have to them decide do they build a unthemed Intamin Giga, or build a ride from a ‘cheaper’ manufacturer such as Gerstlauer with theming and preshows etc. So it’s always going to be tough to predict what’s coming!


One thing I think is a given is I doubt we will see Merlin introduce another B&M (or Intamin) for a while. I strongly think the view is now focussed more on experience rides with pre-shows and post-ride experiences than a 60second rollercoaster ride. Everything has to be marketable as something eye catching now.

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A Vekoma junior coaster - themed to insidious!!


Ok being serious. As unlikely as it may sound,I would love to see a B&M hyper coaster in the vein of Mako installed at Thorpe Park (which would be the more realistic size of hyper they could get if they wanted to build one as I doubt they would be allowed to build one ABOVE the 200ft mark) If not a Hyper than either an RMC or Mack mega wouldn’t be a bad shout. I just think an airtime filled coaster is what Thorpe Park needs because it’s a department they are currently lacking in.

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I'd like to see a wooden coaster (would be open to an RMC) as Thorpe's next coaster.  Of course a B&M hyper would be fantastic, but I think that considering the recent focus on short-term developments and gimmicks, an investment as huge as a hyper (bearing in mind there isn't really a "USP" attached to these, just quality) doesn't feel like a possibility IMO.

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Honestly I think a RMC would be the best thing as they could tack a USP on it,

it would also appease enthusiasts and overall I think it would be a crowd pleaser.


They don't have to be expensive either- Outlaw Run only cost 10.5 Million (around 7.5 mil pounds)

They could easily build under 100 feet and still create a intense and airtime filled one- the inversions would also make good selling points for the GP and they could add in some good old Merlin false marketing.


They could easily add in "THE WORLDS FIRST UPSIDE DOWN WOODEN COASTER L0L" and add a depressing and drab theme and it'll fit right in.


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I don’t know why I just don’t see an RMC happening, although I would like to see one at THORPE. But I think that I’m sceptical on the basis of RMC in Europe being a combination project with Vekoma (Wildfire?) and the fact Vekoma seem to still like to be booked up in advance and to my understanding their books still work a few years ahead, I don’t believe it’s something we’d see happen considering planning permissions etc haven’t been granted yet and so forth. Not to mention Wildfire cost just over £9m equivalent in the ride system itself it wouldn’t leave much spare change for development of an area around it, considering a future development would either be on ‘the island’ between Swarm and Stealth or replace an existing attraction.


IF we were to see a wooden coaster come to Thorpe I would (expect) to see a GCI to follow on from Wicker Man, but would (like) to see an Intamin woodie on the Thrill par of Colossos at Heide Park, which I doubt considering it’s about to undergo a €12m (approx) maintenance program. Which would then leave the options that aren’t wood. It’s pretty much a given that Merlin don’t seem to show an interest in buying another B&M in the current financial position; and rightly so Magic Making are seemingly investing more of their budgets into experience and themes to rides over premium rides such as B&M’s and Intamin’s. For me I’d love to see an Intamin MegaLite or something similar to Maverick at Cedar Point, but I doubt it would happen. So I’d flip that and look towards Mack, but given their sudden surge in projects on their books, and amongst rumours they already have projects booked for the UK and Europe in the next few years again I question if Merlin would be able to get their hands on their time.


So, if we rule out RMC because of Vekoma, rule out B&M and Intamin because of budgets, and rule out Mack because of bookings for projects; it really does leave us in a toss up between a GCI (or another) woodie, or towards something less expected such as Gerstlauer, who, in fairness probably could deliver a Hyper-esque coaster at a reasonable rate, should either party agree to work together again.

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 I think Gerstlauer is very unlikely after the many troubles Smiler had.

GCI is a interesting one that could happen, but if the next big coaster is in the new few years I think its unlikely due to Wickerman.


Merlin's biggest competition in the UK is probably themselves so adding another GCI a year or two after would probably not be the best idea.

Its really a shame they didn't add a coaster instead of the Ghost Train tbh.

If it did cost 30 Million they could built of a giant B&M or a giant RMC with money to spare..


I actually think maybe one of the new designs from Vekoma or something would be good if they want something fairly cheap.

Vekoma's new stuff actually looks fairly good, maybe a Vekoma Hyper or something a bit smaller to what Energylandia didn't get?

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