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Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon


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The one thing that Newspapers should not do is "assume"

They supposedly only exist to tell you FACTUALLY, what is going on in the world.

The age of informative and objective journalism is well and truly dead. They would prefer to swap informative, important, real life news, for shock Headlines and speculation. They should not be allowed the title Newspaper. They don't really deliver relevance in this day in age and to be honest I am sick of it.

Every single time Merlin is mentioned in the Tabloids. They somehow make it all about the smiler crash. Rehash the same photo's, the same victims statements and it is not relevant at all.


Sorry to rant but when your 2 year old demands mickey mouse clubhouse 7 times in a row, you have to blow off some steam somewhere.

Back on point, the papers are assuming, which is something they are not supposed to do.

Rant over.

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victoriana would be 100x a better name than chronicles of london imo. chronicles of london just sounds so cheesy.. so safe. boring, even. reminds me of the taxi ride in tussads (which isn't boring at all or anything, it's just tame). idk I just really don't like the name, and it also doesn't fit with all the kinda dark and edgy marketing so far (ie: derren with his mouth sewn up).

nothing about the ride so far screams 'family' at all to me, but if the name chronicles of london is used.. it'll sound like a kids ride.

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I should imagine the ride will be called something like "Derren Brown presents:_____".

Much like his tv series have been.


Exactly what I was thinking...


As has been said, this clearly isn't going to be 'Derren Brown - The Ride'. That would just be weird. But I also expect his input to be much more than a celebrity name slapped across the press releases (like the toe curling cringe worthy Jack Osborne / Nemesis SubTerror stuff), because he has far too much to lose if his name is tainted by mediocrity. Surely that 'Autonomon' trademark from months ago will be for this? It is full of cogs, and is directly a thing he has done which also has some real scope for development into a story that could suit an attraction...


I can imagine a scenario where the attraction is sold as 'Derren Brown present Autonomons' and invites you to see his autonomon from the old show (footage and the backstory from the show would make decent queue line/pre-show material to develop the storyline) in the dilapidated Victorian theater. Inside the attraction we see the autonomon where Derren demonstration it and explains he has developed it into other more advanced examples, which you go and see. These, it turns out, are so advanced that they understand they are not human and want to be, so try to take your brain. Hence 'Minds Wanted'. The autonomons attacking you trying to take your mind forming the ride part of the experience, whatever that ride system may be, escaping from the show building into the underground system bellow. Maybe the autonomons can't hear or understand humans, just like in the original show, but rather than reacting to the bell they react to screams, so if you scream they get you, if you manage not scream you escape. This could tie in with the stitched mouth images, and could lead to a multi-option ride story/experience/finale as is being hinted at. 


Or maybe not, I have no idea! But I am really quite excited to see what this develops into though, and I completely trust Derren Brown to make it something special if he really is as deeply involved in this as I hope he is.

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Just a quick thought, the 2 "rooms" that have the curved ceiling/walls at the sides, that everyone speculated were for underground trains, could these possibily be the victorian theatre/theatre associated with the automatons/derren. Theyre the right kind of shape, and they would just have to add to the ends slightly to resemble stages. Plus having two installed, means more through put?

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It’s almost definitely going to have a train theme, that’s for sure. There’s clues all over the website:

The image of the 5 people; represent a railway line

‘Derail’ your mind

‘Mind Gap’, referring to a station announcement “mind the gap between the train and platform edge”

I’m also thinking that ‘Mind Gap’ could quite potentially be the name of the attraction also.

Ride system is more than likely going to be a 4D tram-style attraction or perhaps something similar to the Hogwarts Express at Universal, minus the moving train of course.

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I personally reckon the ride hardware will be like HP and the forbidden journey, reasons why as the building isn't too tall and the arms could fit in easily

The building itself is not large enough to fit a ride system like that, those arms are massive and taller than you think when you include their base size; as amazing as it would be to have an Oceaneering ride here in the UK though  

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Merlin are simply too cheap to get an oceaneering ride system.

Spiderman style vehicles are around a hundred thousand a piece.

God knows the price for the track mounted robocoaster system that forbidden journey utilises.

"The concept comes entirely from Derren" ....... Except where we can cut financial corners!!!

Bless em.

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