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TPM Goes Down Saaaafend Sunday 12th February 2017


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  1. 1. Pick a Date!

    • Saturday 11th February
    • Sunday 12th February
    • Saturday 18th February
    • Sunday 19th February
  2. 2. Pick a Place to Eat!

    • Bella Italia
    • Frankie and Benny's
    • Pizza Express
    • Maya's World Buffet
  3. 3. Creams?

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I'm sure you all saw this coming... It is with some degree of pleasure that I invite you, the lovely people of TPM, to come on over to my home county for the official 2017 Adventure Island meet! It's coming up to two years since the last one which was a lovely time, and I am sure this time will be no different. This will be taking place on Sunday, 12th February, as voted by you forum lot!


Should you decide you're up for this, here's what the day could look like:


-meet by the Rage lift hill between 10 and 10:30, in this time people can be buying/collecting their wristbands from the nearby ticket office
-from 10:30 onwards, we will be going around riding what people wish to ride
-at some point around 1-1:30/whenever people are peckish people can go off for a bite to eat for an hour before getting back to those rides (maybe not Time Machine just after lunch though)
-after park close, we shall head off for our evening meal/social, which will be at Maya's World Buffet
-once everyone has all fed on some (hopefully) yummy food, a few people may wish to visit Creams for some dessert, I know I most certainly will! 



As you may have noticed, I haven't outlined any other specific meet points during the day for any latecomers. This is simply because Adventure Island is a relatively small park so it would be fairly easy for people to pop along rather than taking the entire group to specific points for specific times, but remember if you are late you will be left behind- especially you, Peaj! 


So place your votes, have your say, and if you have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions please let me know; and mention it here or in a PM to me if you're looking to attend :D 



Here's some potentially useful links 


Adventure Island: http://adventureisland.co.uk/


Maya's World Buffet Southend: http://mayasrestaurant.co.uk/menus/world-buffut-menu/


Creams Southend: http://creamscafe.com/menu.php






Who's Coming??


'Airtime Falcon'






mattgwise (maybe)






he who shall not be named 




total: 14


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The polls are now closed! 


I can confirm that this meet will be taking place on Sunday, 12th February as voted for by you, and for those who want to hang about for the meal afterwards, we will be eating at Maya's World Buffet


Please leave a post here or get in touch with me to confirm your attendance, thanks :) 

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(soz for double post) 


I contacted Adventure Island the other day in the hope of securing some kind of deal in terms of tickets, and in order for them to look into anything they need exact numbers. I know it's a month away but if you actually know that you will definitely be attending can you please get in touch with me either through this very forum or whatever social media you might have me on that'll suit you best.


Please don't assume that I just know you're coming because you might have voted for the date that has won or something! If no one seems to get back to me then I will start chasing people but if you can't confirm to me within the next week then you're potentially missing out on a deal with tickets! 


Thanks :) 

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3 hours ago, TallGuyDom said:

Put me down as a maybe. 

Can someone give me directions from thorpe :tease:

IF your driving m25 anti clock through the dartford crossing, just after is the exit for the duel carridgeway to southend, follow signs to the seafront for adventure island, I know that sounds very basic but its an easy drive :-)

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