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5 hours ago, JoshC. said:

Three new dates added to FN - total of 28 days now Crazy number really!

I'm presuming either this means they're expecting a huge surge in guests from somewhere or they want to spread guest numbers out so they don't have a massive concentration of guest numbers over ~1 week or so (last year looking at the queue times even 1 week before Oct half term queue times were at most 30mins dropping to 5 mins during the last hour of the day indicating the park was fairly quiet especially on weekdays). Also begs the question when blue services FN day will be if it's even going to be held this year. I think some of those dates are going to revert back to closed dates.

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Story line does nothing for me anymore. Put me in an indoor haunted house with darkness and narrow pathways with amateur actors (saw alive) and it’ll be better than anything last year.

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