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Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion


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53 minutes ago, Marhelorpe said:

At Fright Nights currently and it’s so gratifying to see the RAP system has finally been controlled just in time for the busiest period of the year. The park have finally fixed the broken system. :)

This October should as a result consist of nice... short... quick... queues for all attractions, especially for the mazes like Blair Witch!






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Aaaahhh...... :wacko:

(60 min main queue because of RAP users)

I am going to have to get a solo fast track as soon as I arrive during opening in the morning I will try and get the fast track for dark as possible 

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On 9/28/2019 at 8:03 PM, Coaster said:

The ratio of fastrack and/or RAP to main queue is terrible tonight.

In the red corner we have Coaster..


9 hours ago, danhabbi said:

Every year first Sunday of the event without fail is absolutely dead 😂 brilliant night tonight didn’t que longer then 5-10 mins for all mazes and rides!! Seems like a pretty decent fright nights this year! 

and in the blue corner..


So what is the truth?



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18 minutes ago, Mark9 said:

I thought I deleted that post whoops.


But as its stuck now thanks to you two quoting it (gee thanks lads grumble grumble) my point probably lies in fright nights being fantastic when its empty like a Sunday night but probably won't be as good when Coaster goes.

Saturday was moderately busy and Fastrack ratios were poor.  Sunday was much quieter and a better day overall.


I was at the park on both days.

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