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Riiiiiiight - erm ok, I thought I was odd but am feeling pleasantly sane right now. Just.....why?! :wacko:

Gah forgot what I was going to type - that article has bongled my brain :unsure: Ah I remember.....

This year I really want to get into fund raising and volunteer work as I am slowly but surely getting on track with things. Had a gander at my local Hospices website and they have a skydive event in June - I contemplated then realised that a fear of heights, planes and falling is going to be a big stumbling block, plus the place where they do it is about a 90 min drive from where I live.

But I noticed that in May they have another even - abseiling down a cathedral (which is only 10ish miles from me) - I am tempted but its the height thing again although I have conquered a fair few fears I am not sure if I can accomplish this one within the next month, plus there is sponsorship etc.

Soooo, does anyone have any ideas for fundraising because I am literally a bit stumped - also lack of sleep is not helping - cheers :hi:

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I had no idea the Chinese translation of Coca-Cola was an owls eyes staring it you?

Coca-Cola, whose Chinese rendition 可口可 (kekou kele) literally means "tasty and jolly", conveys a sense of euphoria that it is often held up as the best brand translation.



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As a subsidiary of Wal-Mart...

Someone doesn't know their ASDA history.

It was created in the 1920s, became a supermarket, almost went bankrupt in the mid 90s and was eventually bought by Wal Mart.

They're still quite british in most of their ways, surprisingly.

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