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Wicker Man


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On 13/10/2017 at 6:16 PM, ChessingtonSam said:

That's not what I'm saying - obviously Merlin are nowhere near perfect. But I would say there are one or two users on here who have a proper agenda against Merlin :ph34r:

That's ok I wasn't referencing your post


"it is very easy to tell his dislike for Merlin. "


Again why is dislike for Merlin an "agenda"? Why are we required to like a place we're paying to visit if we don't like the product? It's very reasonable to not visit (or at least go in with low expectations), considering the consistent poor quality and disappointments of many projects in the past, and the product Merlin tends to offer. Optimism is fine, but saying others have an agenda is jumping the gun. The problem with Merlin is that there is very little alternative for big theme parks and themed rides in the UK, so you can't just choose to visit somewhere else like you would with any other product. That's more reason to be vocal.

Yeah there may be some people with a closed-minded agenda, unfortunately, if they're constantly criticising with no justification behind what they say. But I mean more in general .

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I'd say I just have a strong dislike of Merlin rather than an agenda. Merlin can sometimes do good things but there marketing hype and constant errors have led me to not visiting anymore. 


I had an agenda against reserve and ride as I'm sure many people picked up on. But currently I do not have an agenda against Merlin Entertainments.

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Can't be bothered to dig it out but one of the Towers fan pages on FaceyB posted that Alton Towers had implied SW8 will open in April next year from one of their early bird booking deals for hotels.


Now I've got that getting married lark out of the way, and going to Japan in a few weeks on honeymoon, I can finally get back to visiting Merlin parks again next year, hurrah! (I do miss The Smiler though, just sayin)

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Haven't filled any threads with photos of a coaster being built for at least two weeks, so here's some construction photos from SW8 taken this weekend just gone;


















The queueline interaction looks fantastic;











After seeing it in person I'm really looking forward to SW8, it doesn't look incredible but it's the wooden coaster Alton Towers has been missing for years, and frankly I think it looks like a lot of fun. 


The fact it's already well on the way to being complete both in terms of the ride and surrounding buildings/landscaping impresses me and seems a definite step forward from the construction of The Smiler or Derren Brown's Ghost Train.

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And it's a whopping 48 seconds long!

The runes say: 

"We interrupt this to bring you good news. You are invited to a celebration; a celebration of our Earth and its beauty. All this noise. All this technology. It's too much, isn't it? There's no time or space to think, is there? Deep down you know the truth, don't you? The technology has now taken the reigns. How did you get here? Maybe it doesn't matter. What matters is this chance; your opportunity to reconnect with the Earth. Come join us near the woods and partake in our celebration. How far you choose to go ... that is your choice. What part you choose to play ... only you can decide. Be chosen on the night where the living meets the dead.


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It'll have been 21 years since Megaphobia opened; and modern woodies are pretty much a different beast nowadays... 


To have an actual modern wooden coaster built in an UK park is still something to be grateful for, even if it's not the layout many wanted...


Especially if the thing is actually enjoyable to ride, rather than an unforgiving terrifying death trap (Wild Mouse), bouncing along the track (Big Dipper) or barely maintained (Megaphobia)...


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2 hours ago, Mega-Lite said:

If you count Pointless Weapon/Tunnel:The Ride/The Fall of GCI as a real genuine woodie but don't count Wild Mouse, Big Dipper or Megafobia then I'm not sure there's anything I can do to save you.


Unless all you need is a lift to Blackpool?

...did I say any of those weren't genuine woodies? Did I say this is better than any operating woodie in the UK? First genuine wooden roller coaster in the UK after all these years. I meant in relation to all the hybrids popping up everywhere and last time I checked this thing was primarily made of wood?


Regardless of what you think of this ride, it's definitely reassuring that there is still belief in these coaster types being a thing here, especially given how long it's been since one has been installed - as said by Benin, 21 years ago. Hopefully other parks will soon follow suit, but I guess that will depend on the reception of the ride when it opens.

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Just the way your statement came across seemed to belittle the nice toys we already have.


Wild Mouse and Big Dipper are in my opinion better than quite a few so called "modern" woodies anyway.


It's great we are getting a nice new wooden coaster here and GCI are up there with Mack as my favourite manufacturers, it's just the product on show looks very unimpressive.

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Unfortunately we were never going to get something like Troy, Joris, etc. through either current budget restraints or planning permission (it's a real shame they couldn't really use the woods for this, certainly would've made it more interesting from the off)...


I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being in the same bracket as Thirteen for guest satisfaction though...


Of course we'll always never see that rumoured launched RMC before the incident happened...

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Let's see...


-Merlin representative not calling it a ride.

-Reference to Smiler incident  (though fairly done).

-Francis Jackson interview. 

-Shipping container in-joke. 



That covers a good majority of the Merlinisms for my bingo.  Just need a 'during routine excavations...' backstory and I'm done. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

A new page has appeared on the minisite, with a new video...





The ruins translate to 'Pay homage and unite'



This teaser feels a lot less horror / scare in feel to me.  Feels more mysterious and tribal; more akin to Hex in style.  If they can translate that into the ride (pun intended), then I'd be happy and it'd work for a family-oriented attraction in my eyes.. 


And as you can see, this page is called 'The Beornen' - presumably the name of the tribe / people involved, and not anything to do with the Hobbit character...  Though Beorn comes from an Old English term meaning warrior, so the Berornen could be some form of warriors against technology, blah blah blah, I'm reading too much into this...

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