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Bolliger and Mabillard

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I know from experience what rides to avoid like the plague what rides to ride. I`ll have over 150 coasters next year with most of the trips I have planned and my theme park season doesn`t end until New Year with Efteling and Toverland as well as Duinrell and whatever parks in that area that are open for the christmas opening. None except Efteling will have B&M but I get Troy and Joris En De Draak.


Interesting, but this is a B&M discussion You know, B&M, your favourite manufacturer apparently. You're talking down to people as if you've been across the globe and have been on every coaster there is to ride. 


I for one hate Port Aventura. I think Dragon Khan was fab and Shambhala looks good, but the park is overrated in my opinion. Does it bother me if people love that park? No, not even a little. Does it bother me that people like Swarm even though I'm not a huge fan? No. The fact you're calling people basic and getting way too into it says a lot about you!


Just because somebody hasn't been outside the UK, or hasn't been on as many rides doesn't mean their opinions on rides they have ridden are less valid than yours. 

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Lol, even then eww Port Aventura is not my favourite park its built on too many service areas and you can see too much behind the scenes stuff especially from Gold River. Well done you can tell what the topic is called here have a medal. My favourite park has no B&Ms and it works for its selection of what it has and as well it`ll have wood next year making it the best option to go back. I`ll get all the B&Ms in Europe in the next couple of years.

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As we're all listing B&M's we've been on, I'll get beaten by Benin BUT SO WHAT.


1. Nemesis Inferno

2. Nemesis

3. Air

4. Oblivion

5. Silver Star

6. Black Mamba

7. Superman de Acero

8. Batman La Fuga

9. Manta

10. Kraken

11. The Incredible Hulk

12. Chinese Fireball

13. Hungarian Hungtail

14. Katun

15. Raptor (Gardaland)

16. The Swarm

17. Oz'Iris

18. Dragon Khan

19. Shambhala

20. Sheikra

21. Kumba

22. Montu

23. Dæmonen

24. Medusa

25. Tatsu

26. Riddlers Revenge

27. Batman the Ride Backwards (Magic Mountain)

28. Scream

29. Silver Bullet


B&M are by far my favourite coaster manufacturer. The strength of their rides alone can be enough to persuade me to visit a theme park. Intamin are too inconsistent.

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Saying a B&M is bad is odd. I wouldn't say any of them are bad in that sense. Okay maybe not the best but it's B&M, they don't do uncomfortable stupid unreliable bad rides. They started with some true greats. Built this reputation as coaster kings and then when something doesn't top Nemesis or whatever it's because B&M went bad for a bit.

Thing to remember with them. They build to perfection. They don't build much because those they build are engineering perfection. They also build exactly what the client wants. For example Leviathan. They are asked why they'd never built a 300 foot coaster before. Their answer was because no one had asked them too. They will happily build new stuff but a lot of the time the park has to ask. They won't just develop new products unless they know there's a client for it. Air, Oblivion, Raptor. All had a client working with B&M from day one basically. If the park designs a ride and B&M agree to manufacture it they will do it down to a tee. So if anything you should look at the parks who design the ride layouts or ask for a clone instead of at B&M for being boring.

Swarm is settling in beautifully and getting a lovely amount of force. It's graceful. Not every ride has to tear your head off.

Jordan. You'll hate Baron if you hate Swarm. It's a floaty forceless ride which to me doesn't do much.

Florida has a good set of B&Ms. Kumba is fab, Montu great. Kraken is solid and Manta superb for an 09 B&M as they were supposedly bad at that time. Then there's the Dragons and Hulk. And Sheikra that actually does something with the drop.

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I have only ridden 5 B&Ms, Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno, Oblivion, The Swarm, Air. I haven't really got a top 10 as I haven't ridden enough coasters really but I love Nemesis, Oblivion and Inferno. The Swarm I've always disliked but have started to like it this season, getting more forceful. Air I've always hated really. B&M is defiantly my favourite manufacture though.


Can't wait to some a few more outside the UK next month :D

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Jordan can I just say how silly you sound? Because someone doesn't like Swarm doesn't mean they're basic. It means they have a different opinion to you. If you don't like Swarm, then you don't like Swarm. If you think Shambhala is better than Swarm, then you think Shambhala is better that Swarm. It's the same for anyone else. Please either respect other people's opinions or keep yours to yourself.

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Jordan, you're stating to sound a little silly, like me when I first joined this forum.

Anyways, these are the only B&Ms I've ridden (in order of when I first rode them):

•The Swarm

•Nemesis Inferno

•Black Mamba



•Nemesis (both oblivion and nemesis were on the same day, so I can't remember which one I rode first)

I do have to say, they are all great roller coasters and as others have said: 'You can't get a bad B&M'.

The Swarm is high in my top ten, for two reasons. The first is that I haven't been to many parks and not experienced many coasters. The second is that it has some sentimental value as it was the ride that erased my wimpiness and got me into theme parks. So yeah, Jordan, I'm basic.

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Anyone that has Swarm in there top 10 is basic and needs to actually go and travel the world or ride shambhala.

ha, this post made me laugh a lot more than it should have for so many reasons.

First of all, what's wrong with being "basic"? You say it like it's a bad thing? Not everyone can go to various parks around the continent, or even the country. By all means encourage and suggest that people travel abroad and see what else is out there, but the way you are saying it, it's like you're insulting people for not travelling.

Second of all...


My favourite rollercoaster is The Swarm


Yes, you've said that your opinion has changed and that, and maybe you've ridden 10 roller coasters that are better than Swarm in the past 13 months.  But think back to when Swarm was your favourite ride and why you enjoyed it; surely you can at least appreciate the fact that other people will enjoy for those same reasons.


Swarm sits nicely at the top of my Top 10, for many reasons which I've mentioned on here in the past.  I guess that makes me "basic" (even though I've probably got a similar cred count to you, but oh well).  I guess I should "actually travel", instead of magicing myself to other theme parks.  I guess I should click my fingers, and magically get the time and money to go to the parks where all the great rides frolic freely in the wind.  Or I should go ride Shambhala, without "actually travelling".  


Jordan. You'll hate Baron if you hate Swarm. It's a floaty forceless ride which to me doesn't do much.


There's certainly a lot of similarities between the two.  I definitely think that anyone who enjoys one would enjoy the other.  Whether the hatred thing is the case is something I'm not so sure on.  Baron gives a very floaty ride experience which feels completely different to Swarm, so a Swarm-hater may enjoy Baron for that great floatyness.




Anyway, back to B&Ms.  I've ridden 7:


1)  Nemesis Inferno

2)  Nemesis

3)  Air

4)  Oblivion

5)  The Swarm

6)  Black Mamba

7)  Baron 1898


I'd put them in the order of how much I liked them, but since I'm basic, I don't think it's necessary. :)

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I'm gonna hold my hands in the air and admit I am basic because - I love The Swarm :wub:   Like some others I have only ridden the 5 B&M coasters in the UK and I love them all (least fave is Nemesis Inferno because I can't breath on it!)  For many years now I've wanted to ride The Hulk and Manta - maybe one day.


Mark9 - I'm extremely jealous of your B&M ride count - my face was like this just reading it >>>>> :o :o :o


Everyone here is entitled to their opinion on what they like and don't like - I love Saw, its my fave coaster at Thorpe but I know others can't stand it - it doesn't make anyone "right".  Someone might prefer Flying Fish to all the big coasters but it doesn't mean that they are wrong - its just an opinion.  Opinions aren't fact - everyone has an opinion on things which is great because the world would be extremely dull if everyone was the same.


I'm not sure calling people basic is the best idea but hey - I can cope with being basic :ph34r:

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Not in order but I've only been on 13. However swarm is in my top 10 so I am only a basic human being.




The swarm

Nemesis inferno



Batman the ride (sfga)


Raptor (cedar point)


Green lantern

Superman ultimate flight

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I can see where swarm lacks in length, over the years it's open its been open it has definitely become more forceful and a solid ride for that reason, just like nemesis inferno... but everyone has opinions, just be a little more respectful. Because personally I think infusion is a pile of s*** and too rough to be enjoyable, just like most of blackpools coasters, but that's my opinion, yours is fine jordan, but don't think everyone has to be like you, because from the sounds of it I really don't envy and don't want to be like you.

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You're not the only one that thinks that about Blackpool rides, before I went I thought Saw was rough, Saw is positively smooth by comparison. Infiusion was the only ride I only went on the once, it was just so rough I couldn't go back on it ever.

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I think the people who can enjoy rough rides are lucky, so I do envy you a little bit actually... as even saw and Colossus give me a headache... so a day at blackpool, as much as I want to enjoy it definitely leaves me with a lasting headache!


And trying to keep on topic... thats why I love B&M's so much... when the smoothness is on point  B)

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Yup, smooth as silk (mostly), Nemesis at AT is a bit extreme and Air gave me a bit of a sore neck after 15 rides, but I'd certainly go on a B&M before anything else, I don't find Colossus rough though strangely enough.

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I think I would rate Swarm in my top 10 if it was slightly longer, and those god awful vests didn't have the locking pins on the shoulders. It's literally what destroys the ride for me, and because I'm tall, it's agonising. 


The layout, although short, is actually really good and has some amazing moments of speed and force. However I can't like it because of the pain :(

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