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The Walking Dead: The Ride - Speculation and 'Construction'


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7 hours ago, Obliviben said:

I'm really surprised and disappointed that they didn't take this opportunity to change Saw - The ride and upgrade it to Jigsaw - The Ride. Jigsaw has grossed over 100 million now and Saw - The ride was Merlins biggest success at that point so feel like they are missing out not doing this to be honest :( it would also have been a great to upgrade Saw Alive to Jigsaw Alive to soak up the queues off Jigsaw would of made perfect sense to me damn you Thorpe park 

It doesn’t really make a difference to be honest.... 


Undoubtedly, Saw Alive May be popular over fright nights (aren’t all the mazes?), but simply plopping a ‘Jig’ over the front of ‘Saw’ won’t add anything to its queues. They are long enough anyway.


Pretty sure that Saw VII came out after the Ride’s opening. Were there people demanding the change of the ride back then? 


Theres not much they can change though- in terms of any films, the first is clearly the most ‘iconic’ and they’re going to use imagery from that. Does Jigsaw have the puppet? Check. So does Thorpe (albeit a more bedraggled and shat-on version). Are there swinging hammers and various torture devices in that movie? Probably. The ride already has them. I think you get my gist. 


I can can just imagine the uproar from enthusiasts if Thorpe had the audacity to scribble ‘Jig’ onto all the Saw branding but overall, not changing much about the ride at all. ‘Jigsaw’ is part of the ‘Saw’ franchise anyway, and those in the GP who are not as familiar with the new film may wonder why ‘The Saw one’ has become ‘Puzzle: the ride’. 

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I do love how this X becoming XWD rumour has taken hold and is now confirmed fact :P


I have no idea how you'd even try and make X into a Walking Dead rollercoaster without it being incredibly laughable.


However, what I would imagine is more likely is that perhaps they are moving the entrance to X somehow, since Living Nightmare uses the rest of the X pyramid maybe they are looking to make it bigger/change the route. Thinking about it, some of the theming inside Living Nightmare seemed far more impressive and more "permanent" than on other mazes...

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So it appears Thorpe have decided to take a popular family coaster, which served well between 2013 - 2017 for the 1m - 1.3m audience, retheme it to what is likely going to be on The Walking Dead judging by these plans, possibly add a new height/age restriction as a result, just to make another tacky and depressing IP-based "world first"?



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It does make you wonder what actually is going on at merlin magic making. After refurbishing a coaster, with a new disco soundtrack and new effects/ theming for the queue, you turn it into an apocalyptic attraction. I guess the IMASCORE soundtrack was at least good for half a season.

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They can't be that daft right? Retheming X to The Walking Dead would be perhaps one of the WORST decisions in Thorpe's History competing with DBGT and IAC..


The family lineup would become paper thin if it departed, leaving it to Fish and Storm Turd which aren't exactly good either..

The Horror theme will alienate the family market, and the thrill market are probably better off sticking with Swarm or Inferno..


If this is linked to The Walking Dead I'm lost for words.



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I think Thorpe deserves the prize of making a ride which never fit into any area, to fit nothing whatsoever. Literally going to be an apocalypse in a small town themed to the beach area. This whole thing is absolutely stupid. Makes DBGT seem like a good idea.

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7 minutes ago, TPC said:

It does make you wonder what actually is going on at merlin magic making. After refurbishing a coaster, with a new disco soundtrack and new effects/ theming for the queue, you turn it into an apocalyptic attraction. I guess the IMASCORE soundtrack was at least good for half a season.

To be fair the money spent on X during the season would have been negligible, it would have closed for another reason and the took the time to paint it a little bit and add some new lights.


The lights could be used elsewhere easily enough and who knows with the IMAScore soundtrack - it was only a minute long or so so again in the grand scheme of things im sure the outlay wasn't large atall. 

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3 hours ago, J.S217 said:

I'm intrigued if they use the whole lost in computer type vibe again or something completely different and A pre show hmm sounds exciting none the less (As exciting as X re-theme can be)

The project name on the plans is X:\NWO WD, which would certainly suggest The Walking Dead...along with the Safe Zone marketing..


But yeah, there is now a 'pre show' of some variety at the entrance to the building and also the bag drop returns to the front of the building.  

1 hour ago, EpicSmatty said:

What's really odd is the pyramid outside isn't being painted or anything so they're not putting a huge amount of effort into this it seems.

There's nothing to suggest that the pyramid isn't being repainted, though I do admit it is very unlikely.



So assuming this is going to be some Walking Dead retheme, it just makes no sense.  


This year saw the introduction of 2 kids rides.  Regardless of people's opinions of these rides and their quality, it filled and obvious - and noted - gap in the market - more rides were needed for the younger market.  X was a part of the line up for the younger market.  It maybe needed to be made clearer what it was, but it was a part of it.  


I guess this is part of the logic behind the retheme though.  Thorpe have struggled to properly advertise what X is, who it's suitable for and why you should ride it.  With indoor rides, most either have a clear fun tone or a mysterious dark, creepy tone.  X didn't have the fun tone, so they've had to revert back to the dark tone to get people wanting to go in.  Just a shame that it likely means families will suffer as a result.


On a more upbeat note, I'd be interested to see what Thorpe come up with.  AMC have very high standards, so I'd feel confident that a Walking Dead ride would look and feel good.  And there's some possibilities for some interesting theming opportunities with the X set up.  Also be interesting to see if the exterior theming is a set up to the more well known prison storyline from Seasons 3 and 4, or the more recent Alexandria Safe Zone from Season 6 to present (both have watchtowers of some sort, and barbed wire fencing fits with both).  I'd be willing to bet the former, but who knows.


So yeah, from the self-centred point of view, this could end up a nice, though totally unnecessary, addition which I'll enjoy.  Just a shame that that's not enough to outweigh the negatives I can see...




One thing that does concern me regardless of theme is the new outdoor queue line seems to block the pathway off to the right of the building (opposite the toilets)?  Might just be the way the plans are showing it and there's still a pathway there, but if not and the only way to access the building is under Storm Surge, that would be silly..

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