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2019 Season


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1 hour ago, IntThi said:

This is from thorpebreaks.co.uk


Are they official as it's kinda weird that a theme park would have two official sites with completely different URLS (thorpepark.co.uk and thorpepark.co.uk)?

They are the official “breaks” provider for Thorpe - think they are external but still have an official relationship with the park.

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Hardly nonsense.. It's business sense.. Every business will consider an ROI on every decision they make. It's just whether that business deems "customer experience" an investment worth investing in if something else will generate bigger returns..


Of course, every business gets to a point of having to take stock and re-focus before moving into the next investment..

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6 hours ago, daboywunda said:

Don't hold your breath for anything new in 2019... I think this might be a regroup and reconsider year - Events and licks of paint. Expect focus to be on presentation and operations rather than new and shiny. They'll be focusing on getting it right for the visitors they currently have before trying to attract new ones.

That should have been this year instead of converting a family coaster into a horror theme.

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53 minutes ago, Ringo said:

Means absolutely nothing, an enthusiast member of staff trolling you.


If you take what you see in that screenshot as gospel then the island is being submerged by the lake and they are planting trees and laying grass down 

To be fair, they have been relaying grass down.. ;)


The map will be done in layers. Restaurant names and logos will be one of the last things added.


However, to support the theory, the Burger King in that location is no longer mentioned on the Thorpe Park app, which also doesn't include I'm a Celebrity, nor Sticky Sisters (which appears to not be returning as it's been removed from their website also).


I must stress that I don't think it means anything immediate. However, one cannot deny that the removal of multiple things in one area gives some hope..

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