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If we're doing requests, I'd like the Inferno dispatch bass to be loud enough for me to be able to hear it at home in Essex.

For anyone interested, I'm sure you all will be, this evening the original entrance soundtrack was blaring! You will be hearing it from now!

Oh dear, that was awful. Whoever thought that might have even possibly been a good idea / replacement for the end of the day music needs their head(s) checked.

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Ahem...Det's ORIGINAL soundtrack was ORIGINAL... Last year's was stolen off Heide Park's Scream (also a drop tower)...Both are awesome, but I'm glad the old music is back and louder than ever on the rather epic new Bose speakers...

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Took the liberty of capturing a clip from The Swarm Plaza for your enjoyment!http://www.mediafire...401jr94qa04c8te

Hi All,New user but long-time lurker! I am glad you like the plaza audio. I may be known to some old theme park fans. I worked on the Swarm project and did all the audio production for the ride - including creating the plaza mix, which I am very proud of. I also composed the station loop and the NEWS 16 theme tune. (More information on my website!)
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Nice to see you on here Lewis.. I remember you from the days of you coming over to Samurai shutdowns.. eek long time ago :ph34r:Well done with the audio, the whole area all sounds great and fits in very well ^_^ On a side note I noticed on Sunday the sound effect as you go under the plane had stopped working, I hope they fix this soon!

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