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Dobble Tea Party / Storm In A Teacup


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This is a little worrying. I'm betting my boots that the next time I hit the Teacups, more of the turntables will be broken...and there'll be a mad dash for the remaining working turntable as soon as the gate is opened!


I've had more thrilling rides on carousels.

*turns to Chessington's carousel with it's spinning teacups* :P

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I thought the days of absolutely daft sponsors were over. This one for 2023 is pretty ridiculous and does not appear to fit Amity Cove. But then they did confirm on the Thorpe  Passholder FB group that areas were being moved away from again so perhaps it isn't such a big deal! 


Photo courtesy of Theme Park Guide on FB


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  • Mattgwise changed the title to Dobble Tea Party / Storm In A Teacup

Such a random sponsor and looking like the most invasive sponsor especially with that colour scheme, if it makes them more money to invest in the park who cares I suppose. 

I was looking back about 12 years ago on the thread complaining about how a tetley sponsor doesn’t fit the theme.


Well it’s 2023, there’s no real uproar to it. Because we’ve been told there’s no themed areas and we now expect thorpe not to produce anything coherent anymore 😂

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Hadn't heard of Dobble until I saw this.


Random sponsor is random.


Let's face it, it will always be referred to as "The Teacups" by anyone who rides it. Also, put me in the camp of people who felt that this didn't need any work. On the one hand, it's good to see stuff which doesn't necessarily need attention being given attention. On the other hand, it's a shame when there's other, more pressing, things which should be dealt with too.

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