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At least the Amazon project will bring in a high-capacity multi-train coaster to eat up the queues and improve the situation 🙃


Sarcasm aside though... It does bring 3 new rides I suppose, even if 2 of them are only small junior flats.

3 rides is 3 rides though, and will spread the crowds more, even if just a little. 🤷‍♂️

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10 hours ago, Inferno said:

It does bring 3 new rides I suppose, even if 2 of them are only small junior flats. 3 rides is 3 rides though, and will spread the crowds more, even if just a little. 🤷‍♂️

We also have the two rides opening later this year. Only shame is ALL new attractions are low capacity, but it will certainly create more rides to spread crowds than now.

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I visited yesterday, and honestly? The park was 'fine'.


It wasn't that busy for Easter holidays. Operations were standard for Chessington. That's not to say they were objectively good, but they were the usual I come to expect from Chessington over recent years.


Dragon's Fury opened late and Tomb Blaster wasn't open by the time I left. So a bit of poor form there.


My biggest bugbear with Chessington is their advertised queue times being wildly wrong. Just as some examples:

Kobra listed as 30mins, was one cycle wait

Tiger Rock as 90mins, was 40mins

Dragon's Fury as 50mims, was 80mins

Gruffalo as 60mins, was 15mins


This has regularly been a problem for the park, and seems to be a bigger problem this year. They have new systems for scanning Fastrack and RAP which might be affecting things and highlighting these problems even more. But it's concerning just how awfully wrong these times are.

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I went on Tuesday and had a fantastic day. I'm so biased towards Chessington though. I completely wear the rose tinted glasses. There's clearly issues across the park but sometimes, just sitting back and enjoying the day means more.


+ Four laps on Scorpion. Why did I love it so much?! I have no idea

+ Mexicana looks great with all the new little props in the area

+ I love Grufflalo so much. It stands tall with Wallace and Gromit and Hex as one of the best dark rides in the country

+ Dragons Fury now sits in the under-rated category. What a fantastic rollercoaster

+ Great to see the investment in the park. New rides, more announcements on rides, new music.

+ Croc Drop is fine but doesn't spin anymore. 

+ Bought loads of merchandise because it was the original 1987 logo. Shameless

+ Free food for the Lorikeets now. 

- Blue Barnacle was almost as good Black Buccaneer. Surprised how high it went actually.



- Very few boats on Tiger Rock. Park needs to invest in new boats now, it's going to be awful in Summer

- Tomb Blaster was rough. I don't like the new story or the guns it uses.

- Queue boards inaccuracy. Said 40 for Fury, was on the stairs, Said 40 at Vampire, was 5 minutes. 

- Lots of the Zoo area closed for refurbishment. Pirates Cove was very loud from construction.

- Maybe its my Disney exposure, but how thin are the queues. Vampire can only be walked single file for examples. it's so tiny!



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Timber Tug Boat has now docked into Chessington. It’s going to imminently be renamed Trawler Trouble. The Ship with its new name and livery is expected to sail again within the next month.

Trawler Trouble  looks extremely immersive and follows Disney Standards. It’s hard to believe only 6 months ago it was a ride that resembled that of a Traveling Funfair. I knew that Timber Tug Boat was in for a full scale refit rather than a rename to Trawler Trouble. Chessington is the best Themed Park in England. I have always said that Chessington reminds me of the Disney Parks.


Image from Chessington Buzz

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