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I found the inspiration for The Smiler building, the back of my local McDonalds.

Evening Peops. Ssome construction pics for you. More theming added to the Smiler. Hmm maybe that construction guy needs to be corrected: Like this guy who is far happier in his Job, but whats t

All thanks to fifty shades of grey

Posted Images

I still stick by what I said about the Marmaliser being overcrowded in places but got to admit, that yellow really makes a nice change in that endless sea of black and grey.

Looking forward to seeing the erection of the lifthills and more importantly; the ride's completion.

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I may be wrong - but are they magnetic brake fins on the lift?

Could The Smiler use a similar lift system to what I beleieve happens on Millenium Coaster at Fantasy Island Ingoldmells as well as some other Vekoma's, where in the event of the lift chain stopping, the train will steadily roll to the base of the lift... Could explain that 'odd-looking' track section on the approach to the vertical lift.

Just wondering... As this would be much quieter than having the 'clank clank' of standard anti-rollbacks...

Would also remove the necessity of ever having to evacuate the vertical lift, no need for the lifting cage up the side of the structure.

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There's some rumors going round some other website forums that the vertical lift could stop and freefall backwards before climbing it again, similar to the freefall chain lift in expedition everest and big grizzly mountain railroad. Do you think this could possibly happen and be the long awaited secret element?

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