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I have...   But of course, you'd never get anything wrong. ?

How about a VIP let's all grab a paintbrush and paint Colossus?

Would have thought you of all people would have realised a sarcastic post when it's slapped across your face. Clearly not.

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Closed season updates courtesy of Theme Park Guide


Tidal Wave is undergoing some major work it's lift, with the evacuation/inspection steps being replaced completely.


The cobra of Colossus is also under scaffolding. Probably just general maintenance.



And yes, Old Town is getting a couple of (needed) kids rides (from the old ride section at Weymouth Sea Life). The boat ride has already been installed and replaced Zeke's Shack I believe.


The other drop ride hasn't been installed yet but foundations are apparently getting built near the old Noodle place.



And Rumba seems to be receiving a fair bit of attention too. They could be returning the ride to make it completely different from its existing carnation. Or probably just giving the attraction some extensive maintenance.


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If the kids rides are just plonked down as if temporary attractions I will not be best pleased. Park appearance is vital in customer satisfaction when visiting theme parks. So if these rides could be integrated into the area well - whether that just be foliage or a scenery piece - then it could really bring the appeal up for kids.


I'm still waiting for Thorpe Park to add cohesion to their dictionary.

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Was just thinking, if the 2 new kids rides will be permanent attractions, where the hell will all of the queues ect. Go at fright nights


the area was already cramped with 2 queue lines, with the addition. Of 2 more rides and queues the park really are going to struggle with space




also I am very glad rumba has been given some attention, although I think they shouldn't of removed any theming and just painted them up. I really hope the soundtrack is the same as I love it. Also, there are 4 effects I can think of which haven't worked in years, if all of these are fixed the ride could actually get you moderately wet.


effect 1: I've only ever seen it on once, but just as you leave the loading bay there is a water cannon which squirts down the whole first straight section of the ride which got us soaked.


effect 2: before you enter the tunnel water used to fall right down the center which never failed to soak us, haven't seen this one work since 2012


effect 3: the 3 sprinklers before the lift hill at the end, I always remember the time there was a boat jam but they were still on and riders were completely drenched


effect 4: I'm not too sure if this has ever worked but the shower where your photo is taken always seems as if it should do something but never does and to my knowledge never had, someone let me know if it ever did work.

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Rumba rapids has been in a dire state for years now, after riding Kali river rapids I never want to go on rumba again, its just dreadful! I can't believe there actually removing what little theming the ride had. I can only hope there doing something what with cutting the trees to actually improve the ride but being under Merlins control I won't hold out much hope.

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1 minute ago, MattyMoo said:


Not possible, Loggers is open for 2017 m8.


Doesn't matter - Loggers closes when it's dark, so the queue can still be used for a Fright Nights attraction. ;)


As for a queue for Blair Witch with a ride around that location, I don't see why they can't just close the Tug ride early in the day and use the queue for the maze - they did it with Fungle Safari and Asylum. 

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