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I don't know if they have already, but wouldn't it be easier for them to apologise and admit what the business did/does is wrong?


If I were them I'd phase out/release all the Orcas, (well I'd release all the animals if I could) and focus purely on rides. As for Mako... Meh. It's nice to see a hyper in Orlando at last but apart from the last two turns, it looks a tad underwhelming to me! And yes, I'd say the same if this were Thorpe Park or any UK park.

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its such a shame a ride that good has been wasted in a theme park I refuse to give my money to :/


Herein lies the Seaworld dillema. When in the media you have this image of animal abuse how do you get away from that. Still, I've never understood why people are so up Seaworld's back about the Orcas when zoo's across the entire planet are pretty much left alone. Seems like a massive double standard to me.

Take this rhino at Berlin zoo



it's completely contained in a dirt mound and a tiny enclosure. How is that acceptable and yet Seaworld isn't.

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SeaWorld is one of the best in animal care in the world. Okay the Orcas is a difficult situation and keeping an animal of that size is crazy. But they can't just release them into the wild, I think all or almost all their orcas have now come from captivity or were bred in it so have no natural experience. Yes, they're killing machines but they couldn't just be released. They haven't acquired a new killer whale in some time and likely won't do so again so will only have those that are bred. Still not great no, but there is so much worse out there in the world. The keepers at SeaWorld love their job and working with the animals, they're never in harms way and are treated really well considering the situation. Blackfish blew things out of proportion and if anything has ruined a perfectly good company that invests a hell of a lot of its money back into the care of animals and their amazing conservation fund. I wish before completely destroying SeaWorld these animal rights groups and stuff would work on dealing with zoos and stuff where animals are kept in tiny enclosures and so on. 


A great example of their care is Pets Ahoy. It's this fantastic show that uses pets so dogs, cats, birds etc that have all been rescued by the park and given a better home at SeaWorld. They're not the monsters that some parts of the media portray!


As for their future, the theme park route using animal themes like Mako and Manta is definitely how they want to go forward and the direction the new guys in charge are taking. Empire of the Penguin was meant to do the same but that dark ride was just well... yeah. Integrate smaller animal enclosures like the Manta aquarium in with new rides.

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It isn't! I completely agree which is why I don't visit zoos either

agreed w/ this :-).

no matter what people say in defence of seaworld, the facts that they treat all their orcas horribly, both during the process of capturing them and whilst theyre in containment, are still there. and so, I refuse to go :-)

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The thing is, now that animals are there, and have become 'domesticated' as such, they're doing them a favour in keeping them in there. Sure it's wrong for them to be there in the first place, however if they were to release these animals back in to the wild, its essentially throwing them into a bin. The wild is foreign to these creatures now. They won't know what to do, and will die, or be killed. Simple as.


So whilst I don't agree with continued animal captivity, the ones that are there should be kept there, because if they get released, they will die.

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Bit of Mako progress for those following the project.


Bit of a time lapse in how land formation is shaping up behind Kraken.


I love the tracks colour. Dark behind light should look great as Kraken will stand strong in front of Mako visually.


Huge track like always.


Lift hill track


Bit by the lake so last turn into the station.


Footers being started.


It's going to look great behind Kraken! Can't wait to see it

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SeaWorld San Diego is to be banned from breeding Orcas. The Blue World project was "under a condition that would prohibit captive breeding, artificial insemination, and the sale, trade or transfer of any animal in captivity." So if SeaWorld build a nice new tank in San Diego at $100 million then in a few decades it'll be empty which is making them reconsider. And obviously this basically rules out the project in Orlando which was likely to be the case anyway. Not only can they not breed or buy in, they can't trade or transfer, not even to another SeaWorld site. This would mean that once the 11 orcas currently at San Diego passed away Shamu would no longer have a show at the park. Okay, this might be the best way for the park to go anyway and the new CEO and head of developments is apparently holding a conference about the parks and their futures in a month or two, it is a huge twist for SeaWorld. 


It's nice to know though that the government and PEETA will damage a huge corporation who put a HUGE amount of their money towards conservation and their save the seas programme by rehabilitating injured animals but little zoos and marine parks can get away with treating animals even worse. SeaWorld is not the biggest monster in all of this. 

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This has all come from the SeaWorld Entertainment analyst day yesterday which has lots of interesting bits in it.


Firstly, they have partnered with Panasonic as their technology partner. A letter of intent has also been signed with Evans Hotel Group looking at more resort options for their parks. And some nice graphics of each resorts strategy were shown.







SeaWorld's family TV show Sea Rescue has also been renewed until 2018. The show is number one at its timeslot on a Saturday morning. A roller coaster themed around the show will open in San Antonio with dark rides in Orlando and San Diego based on the show all for 2017.



Jet ski coaster.



Don't know which dark ride is for which, I'd assume the later one for Orlando as they're getting a large with Mako and the one above it looks more like a larger scale investment.


About the killer whale show, Orlando Theme Park News seems to have read it as they're just phasing out the theatrical side of the show? 



As part of that commitment, Manby announced the company has initiated production on a new orca presentation for its San Diego park. The new experience will engage and inform guests by highlighting more of the species' natural behaviors. The show will include conservation messaging and tips guests can take home with them to make a difference for orcas in the wild. The current show, One Ocean, will run through 2016. 

So I don't know if that means the shows will completely end but maybe just become more of a talk about the Orcas.

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It is a tough one. Park does good work, loads of money to charity, I'm sure everything has the best care possible in the circumstances, yada yada yada. But there is no denying, those Orcas are so bloody huge there is not really an acceptable space to keep them in. Nothing humans could build realistically would be. They probably shouldn't be there, and you don't really need a Dr, vet, expert or documentary to be able to see that.

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this is a good read, I'm unsure of the accuracy, but would presume it's pretty factual... so with the san diego, stopping the shows sometime next year.


So looks like if they went ahead with the project for san diego which recently got accepted, they would create a bigger enclosure but would no longer be able to breed the whales or get any more, so essentially would eventually die out. So looks like they can keep the similar enclousres and remove the show while continuing to breed the orcas?

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Rise into the sky!


Rumours this could have on board audio much like Hollywood Dream at USJ.


Other rumours circulating about Seaworld, Empire of Penguins has been closed for 3 days a week the past two weeks and coming week. Apparently they know how bad it is basically and want to work on that, make the ride experience longer/better (because length isn't the issue in its current state) and a separate penguin viewing queue. 


Wild Arctic may also not be reopening in the new year after this run of Polar Express. It is a vicious simulator, huge space and all for just some beluga whales (since the polar bear passed away). Maybe this is the next project, another dark ride, maybe like those shown in the future plan presentation thing?

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SeaWorld have been posting these snippets over the past 2 days which are creating a larger picture that will take up the whole of the home page on their Instagram when all 9 are posted. The next 3 will probably be posted today as we've been getting 3 a day so far, people are expecting it the top row to have the opening date. So photo 7 will probably have 16 on it for the year, 8 the month, 9 the day but this is America so it might be 8 the day, 9th the month. Or all on 9. Or not the date at all! Anyway, the captions so far are:




Get ready to take a bite out of some exciting news! 
1 of 9 – Stay tuned for full image.#NothingFaster



Can you name the ocean’s fastest known shark?
2 of 9 – Stay tuned for full image.#NothingFaster


Who’s excited for Mako to surface from the depths in Orlando?
3 of 9 – Stay tuned for full image.#NothingFaster


Who’s ready to travel deep into the reef?
4 of 9 – Stay tuned for full image.#NothingFaster


You won’t be traveling alone… 
5 of 9 – Stay tuned for full image.#NothingFaster


Are you ready to experience what it’s like to be this apex predator, surging through the water at top speed and chasing prey through a massive reef?
6 of 9 – Check out our profile for partial image! #NothingFaster

Trains look like they have splash marks up the side, kinda like Manta has the winged tips. You won't be travelling alone could be on about music on board. And surging through water could be on about a splash down. Exciting times, especially as the highest support has been put up!


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