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2021 Season


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5 hours ago, 08newmanb said:

I have some quite concern: what about the merchandise? Would there be more stocks about it?


I would imagine they have sufficient stock (and if it proved overly popular for the stocks they had, they would order in more). I don't think any of the ParkVibes merch is advertised as limited edition either.

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1 hour ago, JoshC. said:

Pop up vaccine site inside the Marquee from 2pm today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-57999680


Doing Pfizer only.


Not sure how big the uptake will be, but they're there after park close too, so might capture a few guests and staff!

That's the thing, of course its good and a convenience, however I can't imagine the take-up to be worth the time of the people there. Would the resource be better used elsewhere? 

It's a nice thing but I can just imagine staff sitting around doing nothing all day.

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1 hour ago, MattyMoo said:

Does anyone know if the pop up vaccine centre has a separate RAP queue please and do PMAP holders get a pop badge?

It was a one day only thing I believe (despite the Vaccines Minister making it sound like it was there for a longer period of time). And surely a pin badge to go in your vaccine hole to keep the microchip in would have been better?


16 minutes ago, Mattgwise said:

Loving the spelling mistake disaster on the grafiti! Colussus! Still Thorpe saw the funny side and changed the wording on the app! 😂

A look at the wall:



I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I do quite like it. Would love to see more of these sorts of things, although maybe a bit more integrated into the surroundings (like what Walibi Holland do. Basically I want Thorpe to become the British Walibi Holland).

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Yeah but Brewdog are a terrible company.


It's weird because there's so much good street art in cities across the country and Thorpe end up with that. It's so random and weird whereas if they'd kept to the actual ride logos (strengthening their own branding) then it would automatically look better.


That looks like someone's GCSE art project that they did the night before the deadline. Down to the S symbol and Word Art.

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Went to the Oktoberfest event this weekend.


Marked improvement over last year's event. The main area from last year remains and is more or less the same. The tented picnic area in Lost City is also an Oktoberfest tent, with beer and entertainment. There's live music and actors around these areas from 12pm, along with the food offerings available.


There's themed music around the rides again, along with the random 'Bavarian Bingo' which takes over rides randomly. Not a fan of that; would prefer something a bit more streamlined, but I guess it's cool all the same. I think Rumba (sorry, Oompah) Rapids has new audio over last year which is better. Detonator audio is the same as last year and I still don't like it.


The main problem I have is that the actors the park have speak with terrible German accents. In the sense that they're meant to be terrible. They act as caricatures of Germans. It's "'Allo! 'Allo!" level of humour, and is extremely cringey. It's really, really not my thing. Maybe it's something the masses react positively, but it simply doesn't work for me.


But yeah, as I say, a marked improvement from last year. Some good entertainment. Just drop the cringey accents please.

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1 hour ago, ThorpeAddict said:

What is the 'Bavarian Bingo' which takes over the rides? I didn't spot this on any of my visits last year


It is basically the same voice as heard on Detonator which says something along the lines of "Bavarian Bingo has been activated..." (along with other stuff). It then plays the Chicken Dance song, which goes into one of the Bavarian versions of the Thorpe Park tune.


The actual tune of the Chicken Dance song into that Bavarian version is cool in itself, but the randomness I'm less a fan of, especially when it can be very jarring with the music and announcements of the ride itself. Would rather musical overlays or nothing new, not an awkward blend of both.

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Went to Oktoberfest yesterday and had a good day. Great weather, great operations, great atmosphere and low crowds.


Was my first time on Black Mirror, which was different. It was better than I thought it was going to be, but now I've done it once I can't see myself going back on it anytime soon.


Surprisingly quite a lot of actors for an off peak weekday. Normally not my kind of thing, but I actually thought they did a great job of making a good atmosphere in the Oktoberfest area whilst having a pint, without being too cringe or annoying. 


Samurai is running awfully slow since its reopened since its downtime. A shame as it had been running really well, but its almost pointless running it in its current state. Just buy a new one or replace with a different flat please.


On the whole, audio is still sounding great around the park. Makes a real difference.


Must say, I've enjoyed my visits to Thorpe a lot more this year. Hopefully we have a much better Fright Nights this year, and PLEASE bring back 10pm closes.

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Has anyone done the VIP package?


I was having a look, but it looks like you're essentially just paying alot more money for an ultimate fast-track. Ultimate Fastrack and Park Entry is about £160 for Fright Nights, the VIP package is £295 and the only difference appears to be that I'd have a dedicated host with me for 8 hours of the day (Which I really don't require!) is there any other benefit of the VIP package that I'm missing? 

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19 minutes ago, Marc said:

Don’t the VIP host offer “front of line access” so I assume straight on skipping even the fastrack queue? But realistically ultimate fastrack would be fine for most.


Yeah that was my thought - I'd say the host probably takes you up the exit (Not in that way), but I can't say that justifies an extra £150pp.

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2 hours ago, JoshC. said:

Yep, VIP host gives you the front of the line, choice of seat experience. They'll also litter your day with fun facts about the park, etc.


There's a very niche market for it, but for a select few I'm sure it is worth it.

Yeah - Not for me then, would feel quite awkward having to drag around some poor soul for the day in all honesty! I’d have been tempted if there was some other perks, but I can’t see how you get any value out of that price. 

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