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Not once did D.M.K mention crowds or the park being busy as a source of disappointment. All the issues raised were operational and customer services ones completely in the parks control.

Have TPM considered asking for an easter egg on every new item or attraction placed in the park yet? Its a trend I don't mind for nostalgia or people who have worked on designing the project but reall

So we've now got to listen to that awful rapping soundtrack all through the summer! Eurgh! 

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5 hours ago, 08newmanb said:

I have some quite concern: what about the merchandise? Would there be more stocks about it?


I would imagine they have sufficient stock (and if it proved overly popular for the stocks they had, they would order in more). I don't think any of the ParkVibes merch is advertised as limited edition either.

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1 hour ago, JoshC. said:

Pop up vaccine site inside the Marquee from 2pm today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-57999680


Doing Pfizer only.


Not sure how big the uptake will be, but they're there after park close too, so might capture a few guests and staff!

That's the thing, of course its good and a convenience, however I can't imagine the take-up to be worth the time of the people there. Would the resource be better used elsewhere? 

It's a nice thing but I can just imagine staff sitting around doing nothing all day.

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