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Its always been in two.

As has been suggested before Stealths area could be branded as Amity Speedway pretty easily and would still fit.

They kind of got away with it before as it was Amity Fish and Chips (I know there was still pirate theming there if you really looked for it, but that was just laziness) whereas now it's completely split.

Still, it does look like the entrance sign will be good!

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I've asked this before, but - will we ever see the back of the "road" (as seen in the photo above) Never understood why there's any need for it, the light vehicles at Thorpe are fine to drive on brick paths etc... and as to why there is a single yellow line on it is beyond me. Assume it dates back to the RMC days?!

Just seems a bit odd :ph34r:

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Unfortunately, Amity has been split in half. Amity Cove just has the KFC, Tidal Wave, Storm Surge and Flying Fish. While Amity Speedway has Stealth and the Teacups (which is actually themed to the storm in Amity Cove :( ). Such a shame, it really was a very nice area.

That ship sailed at the end of 2003 when teacup twisters became storm in a teacup and all the effects were turned off on Tidal Wave.

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An idea for the dodgems! Judging by the name 'King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems', perhaps the King Pig could be seen at one end of the arena, sat on his throne (that's being supported by four minion pigs with expressions of pain and fatigue on their faces!) accompanied by chuckling sound effects, giving the impression he's really enjoying this whole situation of the birds going 'beak to snout' with his pig minions! :)

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Interesting post on the MAP Facebook page...

Don’t miss out on our exciting preview events this month!

We are giving our Merlin Annual Passholders the chance to see our exclusive new Angry Birds 4D experience at THORPE PARK Resort. Fly in on May 24th between 6pm-8pm for your chance to see it!

No prebook required, simply walk in showing your valid Merlin Annual Pass at THORPE PARK Official to enter.

FINAL REMIINDER for this weekend
Saturday May 17th and Sunday May 18th 8.30am-10:00am
Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary is holding an exclusive Moshi Monsters Passholder Preview event for Merlin Annual Passholders.

No prebook required, simply walk in showing your valid Merlin Annual Pass at Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary to enter.

'Preview' for Angry Birds 4D...

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I was hoping to be the first to actually show you the dodgem cars :o But Thorpe are clearly so excited they posted it on FB. Oh well, you haven't seen the red ones yet ;)








OPEN DOOR!!! (the seats have been unwrapped)








This would have been a better dodgem.




GREEN AND RED! (there are 4 cars so far from what we saw today)



It's progressing quickly now but they do only have 8 days. They have also started work on the entrance by Detonator putting up the beams and I expect they'll close Detty on Sunday or Monday for its retheme. Woo Angry Birds Land!

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