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TPM Happy 10th Anniversary Stealth Meet 25th September 2016!

Celia Mae

When should the Stealth Anniversary Meet be?  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. What date(s) can you attend the Stealth Anniversary Meet?

    • Saturday 30th July 2016
    • Sunday 31st July 2016
    • Saturday 6th August 2016
    • Sunday 21st August 2016
    • Saturday 10th September 2016
    • Saturday 17th September 2016
    • Sunday 25th September 2016

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Hi Celia, I definitely would be interested in this. I do work some weekends and my schedule is quite busy with park visits and some family visits to. Would be well worth coming to Thorpe to do this with you guys. Please do keep me posted. I really enjoyed doing the coaster climb and I'm sure BTS would be great fun .

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Assuming it is at a time when I can make it I am most definitely up for this.


Stealth is by far the best behind the scenes I have ever been on. The launching mechanism room is amazing. That alone is worth the 20 quid estimated cost.


(a few quick pics from the last time we did it to whet your appetites.)



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£20 for this is a bargain, like Stretchy said, the launch mech room is worth that alone! It's an incredible site to see, really shows you how complex Stealth is and always makes me think how incredibly reliable Stealth is for all the stuff going on. And the fact some old school Windows operating system keeps an eye on the launches and the speeds.


And this photo is worth it too :) 

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9 hours ago, Equoaster said:

I like how the list is being updated so quickly! Celia is clearly dedicating herself fully for this meet.


How does ERT work? Is it like an hour after park closure where we just ride it constantly?


I can be just as excited as you can for something like this, I unlike many others have never done this BTS :D


As for the ERT, usually it's 30 mins directly after we have the BTS but it depends on what we arrange with the park :)

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