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Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion


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3 minutes ago, MilesK said:

They definitely aren't markings for a tent. So... R.I.P. Big Top? ?

They look more like markings for shipping containers to me. Sanctum relocation maybe? 

Yeah it doesn’t seem to look like markings for a tent. Could be a sanctum relocation or possibly a new scare zone attraction? If they have just been out there recently then it will most likely have something to do with fright nights. 


we’ll most likely find out tomorrow. 

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12 hours ago, Coaster said:

Yellow markings on the floor?  New coaster confirmed.

It's next to the lake. Must be an Aquatrax.

1 hour ago, Jack said:

It still seems so stupid that they would get rid of their most popular attraction... do you think there is any possibility that it could be relocated back to the beach? Or was the 2015 flooding issue really that bad?

You could say that the 2015 flooding problem was a real...beach to deal with, so they will do everything to avoid going there again.

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I still find it completely, random, that Blair Witch could possibly return. I understand it’s looking likely; but with Timber Tug in its entrance, and the fact it’s a Lionsgate IP maze it doesn’t make logical sense. I was never a fan of the Lionsgate mazes. For me, BW I never had a good / exciting run; likewise with MBV; and Cabin, I just felt was a bizarre take on an awful film and it never particularly enthralled me. But then I was always an advocate for Big Top and Studio’s one year (never did Asylum / pre Studio days).


In honesty, I don’t care for Platform either. So without BT, it does look like a disinteresting year for Fright Nights for the reasons others have already stated.

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Platform 15s tunnel has now actually been half put up and the other half is in Zombie Hunt so as soon as thats done they will probably move it so they can start on Platforms Exit. Yeah - Ive heard alot of rumours about Sanctum Relocation to Big Tops area and those yellow marks are defiantly for containers I guess it might be MBV all over again.

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Sanctum was in a perfect place - where a lot of people probably didn’t even know it was there ?

Bringing back Blair Witch is just meh - Asylum on the other hand would be amazing but that’ll never happen thanks to the PC brigade (and the fact that IAC is there now).


P15 in its first year was god awful - last year a huge improvement but the tunnel is far too long and there is no proper ending to it.


If Sanctum is being relocated to where BT was then I just hope that it has a huge improvement from last year.  Losing BT in my opinion is a massive mistake (as was Asylum) but who knows what goes on with the people who decide on the mazes.  To replace BT with BW to me screams of cost cutting - I’m assuming BW would be pretty damn cheap in terms of theming compared to Big Top but maybe I’m just being a cynical old fart

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