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Black Mirror Labyrinth


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Black Mirror is an odd one IP wise, in not having a set structure or regular characters. It could mean anything so surely is just a name above the door? If this had had any creative input from Charlie Brooker, which in reality is the only real consistent which makes Black Mirror Black Mirror, they would clearly have been shouting about it from the off as it would be actually meaningful to the marketing.

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3 minutes ago, JoshC. said:

-I don't believe there are meant to be live actors

If this turns out to be the case when it opens we could well end up with a consistent, quality, technology/theming-led experience. IMO whilst live actors are great for Fright Nights when used together with good theming, year-round attractions work better without them because the park are forced to rely on story/theming/tech to make a great experience. I bet if DBGT was designed to be completely actor-less it would have significantly improved the overall experience, especially in terms of consistency. I have had decent run throughs on that when there have been great actors, but when there are poor/less/no actors it feels like a very weak attraction.

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They must have an incredibly worn dartboard in the main office covered in various IP options that just didn't make the cut.


It's just... Weird? Like it's the sort of thing I expect at something like Trocadero used to be. And it just muddies the constant water of themed park areas against isolated IP based attractions. Just makes it all seem really messy especially given the size of it.

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All of the other *many* issues with the park aside, I have a lot more hope for this season than I did at this point last year. Maybe it's just because the branding looks more exciting, but they have some new stuff going on that will probably genuinely interest plenty of people.


If they can throw in another indoor Fright Nights maze of the same quality/intensity as Creek Freak now Living Nightmare is gone (assuming they would use an existing space to save money, perhaps this could be in Jungle Escape's building now it will have been through two seasons, or on the Saw Alive boat) and do Labyrinth well, I'll be pretty happy with 2020.


It's likely we'll see some further improvements to the dome which are much needed, and hopefully a bit of TLC to other areas of the park though this remains to be seen on opening day.


Cautious optimism is how I would sum up today...

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16 minutes ago, Ivsetti said:

"Supercharged summer" aka nothing special or new event-wise.

Very very excited for the Black Mirror thing. Feels quite different to the typical horror the park has which tends to be gore/ zombies etc. for me anyway. Probably because I've never seen the show though. I'm really hoping it's not a disappointment but I share most people's views that I'm not particularly holding my breath (it didn't break down half way through the experience is the level the bar is at).


I'm expecting it to be in-between the marmalisation room on the Smiler and the entire indoor queue section from Oblivion the Black Hole. 

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On one hand, I’m soo glad to see Thorpe finally moving away from new horror attractions and the idea sounds quite interesting. On the other hand, have they learnt nothing from actor led attractions? Although it renews interest in Thorpe this year, it’s yet another short term investment. The IP thing doesn’t bother me really if it’s the right fit for the park. Disney and Universal have invested big money in IP attractions so it’s clearly an industry trend that gets people through the gates. A skeptical as I am, I really want it to work just so Merlin will finally add new long term rides the park needs.

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The one thing I do love about Jack's videos is how he always has to cut back to a previous video with a quote of him speculating something to assert that dominance over the enthusiast community when it is correct. Another good video though and a great way to get more exposure out there as to what the park is doing this year rather than traditional click bait articles, its almost a shame in a way that Thorpe or even MAP doesn't have an experienced community manager to act as a face to the ever growing community. Rather then what seems to generic tweets which can get lost in translation.



Another not, this partnership has nothing to do with Netflix other than being able to watch on that platform, rather the Uk production company are involved. If Netflix were involved we've have a stranger things attraction.


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2 hours ago, Glitch said:

Another not, this partnership has nothing to do with Netflix other than being able to watch on that platform, rather the Uk production company are involved. If Netflix were involved we've have a stranger things attraction.


That and Netflix would have put its branding on there. For anyone unaware Netflix does not own the distribution rights for Black Mirror (Netflix Originals is just a name), they are just the current platform Endemol Shine UK (the distributor, and 50% owned by Disney) sells it to.


I'm looking forward to this attraction, it could do very well for the park. The IP is current and fits its audience well, I just hope they execute it well.

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I wonder what the entrance to Labyrinth will consist of. Knowing Thorpe they'll just tear the Living Nightmare sign off or paste Black Mirror over the top of it, but it would be nice to have a proper theming piece or two. Otherwise there's the risk it won't even be seen by most guests.

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1 hour ago, Marhelorpe said:

Noticed that “future for theme parks” has ride photography again for this season...




Surely not?

Said this before, but who remembers the not one - but two - photo points when it first opened? That face in a jar thing never worked did it, haha.


Shoutout to this classic video. 




Also - bit OT - but never seen this video before:


Bless you Derren, I still love ya. 

"Ghost Trains by their definition are generally a bit rubbish" 😬


If this was genuinely Thorpe's biggest investment ever, which it probably was, no wonder they haven't allowed funds for anything substantial in 4 years.

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My first post back in over a year to check-in what Thorpe is doing. I held my breath, and this is what I see. A maze. Another maze.










Soz 4 my negativity xox


Anyways, I like black mirror a lot but I find this a rather bizarre choice of an IP as the episodes are generally stand-alone and there is no permanent cast as touched upon some other people in the posts. But, I'll be interested to see how this works when it eventually comes. Next year. 

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So for anyone interested, one can make out what is said on the signage at the entrance to attraction thanks to Jack Silkstone's video (around 25min mark), and gives a sense of what we could expect:



(forgive the rubbish quality)


For those who can't make it out:



1. Move forward when called

2. Your photo will be taken

3. Move to a touch screen

4. Click your photo and enter details

5. Accept the terms & conditions

6. Step aside for the next Participants 


Misuse will not be tolerated, including inappropriate names or photos.


Names or images breaking these conditions will not be uploaded and you may be escorted off the premises.



It's an interesting premise, and with the "We value your privacy" tagline, it could suggest that throughout the experience you're 'tracked', or that things are a bit more interactive. Certainly a very Black Mirror type thing too.


Does sound like it's a potential throughput nightmare though.

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