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Figured I'd reignite this topic slightly and confirm something suspected for a while.

Some may have noticed for a few years now that there is always a single entire row of empty seats on Quantum which are never used during operation and at first, I always believed they were broken restraints, but after the experience I had on 31st October, the staff operating it confirmed after I pointed it out they were closed off to allow themselves to cross from one side of the platform to the other. Since only two operate the either ride now instead of three usually, the batching area is left unmanned during the ride's operation, hence why they are never used anymore these days.

Usually I've had no problem with this and realise of course more staff = more costs, but given it reeeeeeealy slowed everything down and there was so much faff involved that evening, it's times like that I wish the batching gates were used once again with an additional staff member to speed things up on both sides of the platform during loading/unloading. Once can hope it can be run like this once again!

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