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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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I would love them to just build a four or five new flats to help dissipate the queues on busy days, and because Thorpe needs more of them.

I'd rather have some small scale dark rides and a few more relaxing rides (bring back the train!) to give Thorpe a better overall offering, as they have plenty of flats already even if half of them are incapable of running properly for one reason or another.
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They need 12 coasters all with a 1000+ throughput, that would really get through the crowds. However never going to happen, just like a few small scale dark rides and the train coming back. I reckon an airtime thing would suit the park best however that could be hard to sell with Thorpe's terrible marketing team. They can't even sell a concert of some popular musicians to 2000 people. 

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The Park needs more fun experiences, something they severely lacked till last year when they got the dodgems. Yes it was a simple cheap investment but it's so much fun, something that had been missing.

IAC is good in concept at providing a lengthy, interactive experience. Again, something different that the park was lacking. There is a lot more to making a good Park than cramming it full of flats and coasters. A year round show would be a nice investment.

If not I'll take the hypergigamegaB&Intamin coaster around the Thorpe island with a huge turn around over the M3.

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Thinking about this, I dont really care what Thorpe put in as long as it is a ) high quality, b ) Fun to ride.


I would be more than happy if they took some of thier rides and extended/redid them as a large investment.

There are 2 rides I think are in desperate need of a redo.

1) Rumba Rapids. (as mentioned by J.S217), The current ride is lac lustre and just not a fun ride.

2) Loggers Leap. The double drop is fun, the rest of the ride is.. meh.

3) Stealth (am prolly going to get flamed for this). You have so much potential energy at the top of the top hat and then it is just instantly absorbed in the break run. I come off the ride always thinking. Damn if only it had a ride rather than a quick up and down it would be fun. Especially with the space that they have in that area. Adding a couple of positive and negative g points and a bit of theming. I'm sure that shouldnt cost a lot (it doesnt in RCT3).


The thing is, I am sure that some of those could be medium investments rather than large ones.


Can I make another point as well. I think a good ride is a ride that excludes the minimum number of people and that everyone comes off smiling, laughing, or talking about it, no matter how many times you ride. Towers has a few of these, but I dont think Thorpe has any. Just go stand at the exit of the Hex spinning room section, or listen to a 13 car as it exits the tunnel. Neither ride are what I would call thrill but from the sounds of the general public, especially those who havent ridden before, I think they are thrilled and amused. Rides should make you smile.. Always. If not then they are just torture devices or bravery badges.

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Personally I think top spins don't offer good ride experiences and are all show with no delivery.

They're okay filler rides, but Thorpe have enough okay filler rides already. If they were to add any more flat rides in particular, it would have to be pretty special.

try going on the top spins on the German fair circuit.  they are meant to be the best. all the people I know who have been to Dusseldorf say they are 100x better than ripsaw and Rameses Revenge. now back on topic I think they should install a Star Shape where Samurai is and give it some reference to SAW (since it's right next door) It would make sense since they work well in a theme park and Samurai is getting old...... 

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I know some people disagree but I'd say the only topspin I've ridden and actually enjoyed is Talocan. Yes, it's a spectator ride, but when you spin, the position of the seats means you get some amazing forces and I didn't feel dizzy in the slightest. It's not one of my favourite flats, however I think the surroundings and the music make up half of that.


If Thorpe got a Talocan I'd be happy, but they won't. I can see a Rumba refurbishment and another flat coming soon.

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Thinking more realistically about the situation, I'd think there could be some serious park TLC after WC16 maybe over the 2017/18 season then possibly a B&M flyer or even a dive coaster. Before anyone says a dive coaster would be similar to SAW or THE SWARM, they're different experiences.

If this also involves the re-installation of the Canada creek railway then I'm on-board 100%.

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Not necessarily (but partly) for the ride experience, but more for the marketing, there are certainly problems with some ride types and their similarity to Thorpe's current line up...


Flyer - Swarm similarities

Dive machine - Saw similarities

Any launched coaster - Stealth similarities


I don't think they're allowed a hyper with the airport and residential relatively close by.


So, what's left?



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