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Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon

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Got 2 rides on Ghost Train yesterday, each time I'm going on it I'm enjoying it more, however that 2nd VR section is still bollocks.   Operations towards the end of the day were incredibly p

It's fine everyone, Thorpe will have their Derren Brown's Ghost Bus Replacement Service in operation if there's any delays.

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He didn't like the ride and rated it very low on his approval visits shortly before it eventually opened, based on his standards of illusion and his expectation on what the experience was going to be like. Dont know what he made of the ride when it eventually opened. He's contractually obliged to still be a part of the project in name/brand and so surely would want to be involved in this redesign, though pretty sure he doesn't have all that much input at this stage

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This article was retweeted by the Thorpe Park twitter account. Seems to give an insight into some of what can be expected this year. New footage pleases me greatly if true!

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Nice article.  First time we've ever really had an article closely linked to Thorpe saying how they can make tweaks and introduce new journeys over time, which has some promise.  


The paragraph about shooting on the ride itself is interesting.  If they're able to use footage of the train itself in the VR world (rather than a similar-looking CGI train), it might be able to add to the aimed 'blurring the lines between what's real and what's not' motive, which is only a plus in my books.



Find it interesting that the park are trying to drop in 'we've got a new IP for Fright Nights' at every possible moment too.  Though that's for another thread I s'pose...

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People know what they want and not what they need. The surveys would have of course said "It's not scary enough". What people would have actually responded to is just the ride being better engaging and better structured. There are many greater creative things you can do than have a man talk to you, then a 'posessed' woman (the biggest horror cliche ever) crawl through a window, and a demon growling in your face. So much of the ride was under-used in the original version in favour of the token VR.


Just making something scary is the easiest option. Put people in a pitch black room with lots of tension and have a sudden loud noise or a chainsaw, etc, that is as scary as it is really possible to get in an attraction. Theres very little real substance in that kind of thing, anything else is just a variation on that old tension/jump format.


To really make people entertained (and more scared while your at it) is to make the whole thing more effective, more substantial and more theatrical. Not so cheap feeling.


When people said it wasn't scary enough, their subtext is that it wasn't effective enough on the whole and so they felt underwhelmed at the end. If alll they have done is leave the attraction's many flaws in place, while just swapping out the VR graphics and adding a jumpscare maze ending, that will be very disappointing. Here's hoping the entire thing is taken in a whole new direction.

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