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TPM Awards 2016 - The Results


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Interesting and unsurprising results. 


Nemy, Slammer, Valhalla all rightfully won best in their categories with Towers still holding the straws despite its rocky time. 


Derren Brown as best dark ride and themed uk experience is interesting, yet in contrary being the most disappointing Merlin moment and 2nd worst UK ride. It's no Storm Surge.


Europa winning best international park and Helix as best coaster is no surprise and Phantasialand's presecence in the rewards says a lot and it's amazing just how close the greatness between Mack and B&M is now.


Symbolica for best looking 2017 seems right, but Gruffalo2nd? Yes that seems accurate too. 


Merlin disappointing moments are best left not talked about as I'll probably dig myself a hole deeper than Klugheim.


The suspension of member results is interesting and unexpected. Oh well.

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Glad to see I've retained my sexiest male reward.


Although I seem to have lost my previous other rewards after countless years. Marc and BaronC you have done well.


I'm chuffed however that I'm seen as the second best member amongst being the third funniest. Oh, and Storm Surge too. 


Further thanks for voting me only second to Benin for my sarcasm. I feel deeply rewarded for these strong assets.


Europa and Blackpool rightfully won their positions as they were fantastic meets (2016's had many great ones) although I'm extremely disappointed Fish and Marc didn't win cutest couple. Congrats to Amy and Ryan  though.


I'm also apparently TPM's joint second sexiest female (along with my gf). Does this mean I have to forfeit I wonder? 


Thanks again to to those who voted me.

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10 hours ago, Matt Creek said:

Glad to see I've retained my sexiest male reward.


How could you not? :lol:





3rd sexiest female...I'll take that :D Cheers guys! (Edit: just realised I also came third last year :o)


Marc and Fish - congrats ;)


Stuntman is happy to be 2nd best new member too ^_^ 

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Well now I feel under pressure to write something funny here. Too bad.


Fortunately I no longer feel any pressure to write quality or knowledgeable posts. Cheers guys!


Derren Brown best anything?  Hahaha!


Most importantly,  when is Adventure island's Time Machine going to claim its rightful place as king of the flat rides?

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